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My Uptrennd Journey

My Uptrennd Journey

It was one year and one month and one day ago when I started my Uptrennd journey and at that time I was submerged in fake and scams airdrops. I was searching for online earning on Facebook and I found Uptrennd in one of the groups. And I joined it and started posting shit posts on Uptrennd as I was unaware of TOS. But my good luck as I found many guiders on Uptrennd and they guided me in perfect ways. Uptrennd is the best thing that I got from Facebook during my whole journey of 6 years as I joined Facebook in 2013 so I would like to say 'Thanks' to Facebook.

I posted my first post on April 6, 2019, which was bull post according to my present opinions. I got zero upvotes on this post and it well deserved zero.


Actually, first I considered Uptrennd as others website and airdrop so I stopped working on it for the next two months It was my bad luck but I have no regrets as I am now Uptrennd.

I again started working on Uptrennd exactly after two months and wrote a review about Uptrennd and on that post, I got 59 upvotes that motivate me to work on Uptrennd.


I keep on working blindly and not stopped posting about fake and scams site and Elena and Luke were continuously guiding me. But I was not hearing to these guidelines.

I completed 200 shit posts on Uptrennd on August 1, 2019. At that time I was only on level 15.


13 July 2019 was my best day on Uptrennd as Luke Guided me on how to write original content in Uptrennd Official Telegram Group. where e shared 3 articles with me and I followed all those articles to improve my writing and started earnings 2x and then after some 3x.

I wrote post a post about my journey of improving my content you can read here.


After that, I started focusing on my content especially in the comment section.

On 13 November 2019, in the morning Elena messaged me with an offer of becoming Vibe Ambassador( now Guardian). I accepted it and became very happy and started working with full enthusiasm and power. Now it had been about 6 months.


If I put the whole story in a nutshell then I can say If you want to be a successful Uptrenndian then do only two things.

1. Write unique, original, and comprehensive posts.

2. Do write quality and relevant comments.


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Amjad Khan
07 May

I read your whole journey sir it was amazing and at the end you give lesson about quality posts and comments and i will follow this 


Shadda 🇵🇰
07 May

I bet both the will magically grow your uptrennd account..


Geraldine Oly
07 May

You started just like everyone else but gradually you improved and now one of the big gangs here, and that's because you learnt and remained consistent. 

Am not up-to a month here, but I have really learnt alot from you. Thanks for showing us the way. 


Mike Etim
07 May

Wow, no man is an Ireland of knowledge and in life, you must be guided by someone to get to the next level in life.

When determination is your priority, Success will find a way to meet you in all way possible.

You can only know how you started, but you can't predict how it'll end, but it's always advisable to be positive and focus, with that, the sky is your starting point.

Everyone has a story and Your own part of the story is mind-blowing.

Congratulations on all your success and your achievement so far.


Hope Ochei
07 May

My friend from a distant land, this is nothing but favour that comes from God through your diligence and whole hearted service to this platform. I was really happy seeing you on your badge as it had a fitting on you. Itliker, this is just the beginning of greater things to come. 

Keep guarding us even as you were vibing very well in the past. 


Kashees Kashi
07 May

Its a great journey and great effort for your sucess do hard work and achive more target


Hina Gulzar
08 May

yes u r right







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