My Uptrennd Crush

I wouldn't call mine a crush, its more of a personal admiration, affection and respect for this person that made me agree to write for this contest. I met him on the second day I signed up with Uptrennd. From the first moment I developed a great sense of respect for this person, as I interacted with him on a day to day basis my respect and admiration for him only grew.

Don't ask me yet who he is, you may have to read this post to the end if you want to know who that person is. He is a wonderful writer, clear, logical and to the point. He is quite forceful and purposeful in his writing. However, he does not write often until there is something he is sure he needs to talk about. He has no hidden agendas about his writing, he writes for the betterment of the platform. He is a gem of a human being and very sweet by nature. More than everything, he is always willing to help anyone who asks for help. Would you not have a crush on such a person? 

He doesn't pretend to be someone great, he is who he really is - simple, humble and friendly. He has no airs about him, a very uncomplicated person really. He is one Uptrenndian I would like to meet someday and get to know better. He is someone I respect for the values he holds. He is very professional in his approach and dealings with members of this site. He defends what he believes in, and he can be come through as forceful and strong when he defends his territory. Sadly, he hardly writes here anymore and I miss his writing.  

His faithfulness and his generosity are to be seen to be believed. He is one person I can honestly say is unbiased and treats everyone equally.  Some of you may have guessed whom I am speaking about, especially those who know me well. The others may have to wait and see if I really reveal who he is.

His humility and simplicity are what drew me to him, he is generous with his praise and I guess he is shy when praised. Some of these qualities are mine as well, so it was easy for me to relate to him. I have noticed from what he writes he has his priorities right, his family always comes first. He is totally committed to his wife and kids. He loves with his whole heart and he is not bound by traditions or customs. 

He hangs on firmly to what he believes in and fight for his beliefs. He defends himself against a friend or foe when his beliefs are questioned. He loves doing what is right, these are the qualities that makes me think if I had a crush on someone here it would be him and him alone.

Isn't that an amazing portrait of a person? Who is he? I thought courtesy demands that I check with him before I posted this. Sorry to say that he hasn't responded to my DM.  He is the most wonderful, person I have met here on Uptrennd. Yeah, he would be my crush on Uptrennd in an unromantic sort of way, I wish I could mention his name. I will surely edit this post and reveal his name if he gets back to me.

However, if you can take a guess, please do. I would sure tip 25 1ups to the first two people who gets this right (on Discord). One little tip, he is a guardian.


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Jeremiah Akpabio
20 Mar

If you like call it admiration but to me he is your crush. Your description of the man shows he is a complete gentleman with nice and perfect character. His qualities according to you would make others crushed him when the identity is finally revealed but to me I guess he guardian @ Arslan Jutt


Sofs Su
20 Mar

Let's hope you are right. Thanks for playing along. 


Uwem Ekanem
20 Mar

Wow. I love the way you discribe your crush here in uptrennd. His personality are so true and I think and also thinking that is our dear guardian @Navi. He has all the quality you have described. He generous and simple


Sofs Su
20 Mar

Thank you so much for taking a guess, I will reveal the answer ASAP.


Chidoski Godsent
20 Mar

Thanks good write up . You are really expresses your self in the area of your personal crush. I think it's natural in human , we can have crush on what we love doing  ( social platform), on people, on movies etc


preview not available Arslan .
20 Mar

You wrote this post in a very concise way and I am a huge fan of your writing. I think this person is Kris Js.


Sofs Su
20 Mar

I hope you are right. Let me wait for some more people to guess before I reveal. Thanks for playing along. 


Anthony Eri
20 Mar

Wow! After this long epistle of your crush, you finally decided to keep us in suspense. If I'm to take a wild guess, your crush must have been a Guardian but for all these lovely description of your crush, he must be a great personality and I hope he responds to your DM😁


Sofs Su
20 Mar

My intention was not to keep people in suspense. I hope he responds, I guess he hasn't been around in a long time.. He is indeed a great person. I'll keep my fingers crossed. 







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