My Uptrennd Addiction.....

Its a long time to post in my second most favourite community uptrennd memes.Here i'm with amazing meme difining my love for uptrennd.

In my earlier days of uptrennd i was not so addicted to it but after a short time i was fully addicted to this platform and even i reduced my other social media apps activities. 

At that time i had seen many of the memes regarding F. B vs uptrennd and today its time to remind them with my this meme because we are not seeing these difference memes today.

Yes from since day 1 i'm addicted to uptrennd  because uptrennd made my time precious and i totally left all the time wasting social media apps just like F. B etc. 

Uptrennd is more than money and more than learning for me and i'm thankful to uptrennd for being with me and supporting me.

Uptrennd to the moon.

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Tasleem Mohsin
28 Nov

I started uptrennd for money but when I started I know what actually it is . I loved it and I left all my accounts on other sites.


RinNy Mboro
28 Nov

Since i start uptrennding i have come to enjoy uptrennd and i get so much addicted to it that i careless about other social media platforms


Dee Dan
28 Nov

I just left Facebook alone for itself. When I want to make posts, I post them on uptrennd. The time to think about what to write should produce some monetary results. Facebook won't do that for free.


Maha Ali
28 Nov

Uptrennd is a great platform where we improve our skills of writing and learn so many things from others posts. It's good for both earning and learning and all people are so cooperative. I have no any account on F.B and other social media apps. I first time work on this platform and my experience is good.


Josemendez Peter
28 Nov

Funny meme but it has been long since I last used my Facebook account . I prefer spending time here and other platforms where I make money from .


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