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My Top 5 CryptoCurrency Token Economics Mistakes Projects Make.

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Altcoin Buzz .io 2 months ago

This is a very interesting topic. Largely I do agree with you.

I think the biggest mistake projects do with their tokens is that they don't focus on building value. They don't focus on building cyclical sound economic business models but mostly linear, reward system token drop/earn systems.

Another issue I think is the sale of tokens in general. I think valuing tokens and selling them to individuals and VCs is wrong at many levels as these values should be built and user/market-determined. I think fund-raising is not the reason why any company should launch a coin.

I also feel that we don't have any best practices in determining the economics of the tokens and utility for various stakeholders. These factors will need time to start making more sense and opinions like yours will help drive the need to that.

I look forward to follow more of your analysis on this subject. Keep it up!

Randy Hilarski 2 months ago

Finding a value for a utility token is always a challenge but creative minds can come up with something. Hey, the Uptrennd did it with 1UP. 

Romana Grubesic 2 months ago

My biggest mistake was entering dentacoin when project started and sending  them to Uphold wallet that did not support holdin private keys. 

Randy Hilarski 2 months ago

Oh No, that could have been a large sum of Bitcoin.

Mohammad Imran 2 months ago

Good points you mentioned in your article.

I also had to face the same situation when i received tokens through airdropping and held them to sell in the future to gain more profit, and now they are almost worthless.

Busola Akinlolu 2 months ago

I agree with your analysis Randy, especially those airdrops, they are mostly dumped anddumped at the long run.


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