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30 Sep
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My Three Humble Requests To Sir Jeff And Uptrennd Team

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Elena Demou 9 months ago

Hey Shadda, we are working on #1 currently so we will have the ability to do that soon! #2 is interesting I will bring that one up! As with #3, we try to limit the amount of posts that we delete but we do downvote these. If I see a blank post with like 20 upvotes, we do our best to downvote them a bunch because there is no reason that these posts should be gaining 1UP if they are not adding any value. As the site gets bigger and bigger, our VA's are going to have a harder time putting their eyes on every post and this is why we have the downvote option. We hope that the community downvotes these too as clearly if there is nothing there or they are abusing the OC function without sources, it should not be making rewards. Thanks for the feedback though!

Shadda 🇵🇰 9 months ago

Thanks a lot for commenting ma'am that really great that devs team is working on #1

#2 Thanks for linking my idea of referral system . It will really reduce referral abuse and also uptrenndian can refer to unlimited user but gets rewards for only active user. So they will guide and help their invitee. And we will not loose 200 1up without reason.

#3 downvote is good solution only for upto ten downvote according sir Martin Kiel. In one of the comment of Hafsa post He says...

" I'm sorry this is hapenning. At first we had it so front end users could see who was downvoting who, but we found it wasn't optimal at all for multiple reasons, so we made it anonymous.

While currently limited to 3 votes to the same person per day, it doesn't solve this completely. One potential solution to what you are experiencing is to reduce the power of a downvote aimed at one person, so I'd send you a downvote equal to negative 1 point, my next downvote might be worth 0.9 points, and the next 0.8, and so on.

Therefore in this example after 10 total downvotes to the same person, it would be pointless.. "hate downvoters" would just be wasting their own time, and our systems could identify them quite easily.

I hope that makes you feel more comfortable about your current situation, this is something that will be aleviated in the future"

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Shadda 🇵🇰 9 months ago

Please check Martin comment on this post

Elena Demou  9 months ago

Ah yeah, but that would only apply if one person kept downvoting another person, like if you have a stalker that doesn't like you or something. We are not limiting the amount up downvotes one would get on a post by many people. If someone posts, let's say, a scam and 100 people downvote it, it would be -100 and not maxed out at 10.

Shadda 🇵🇰  9 months ago

Now I have got your point but today I see empty and useless posts have gotta 10, 20 or 30 upvotes instead of downvotes.

@sameset also mentions this in his post today.

Altcoin Buzz .io 9 months ago

You are a pretty solid community member Itliker. Hope the team considers your suggestions.

Shadda 🇵🇰 9 months ago

Thanks for commenting and support. I am also sure that they will do something as these two referral abuse and copy-paste without is creating alot of negativity about uptrennd.

Jeff Kirdeikis 9 months ago

Thanks for the feedback!
This is actually a big reason for the "Following" Section.
If you only want to see posts by quality people, you can.
Also, this is why we have the downvote button!
Use it! People who post low-quality will either
a) eventually stop
b) make their content better :)

1. We can change the community yes, please report the post so we can see it :)

2. We've talked about this actually! Weighing the pros/cons of it still though

3. Downvote them! If they are within our T&C's, they stay. But Uptrennd needs to use the downvote button more frequently!

Chuka Onyejekwe 7 months ago

Aptly said.  The both buttons of upvote and download must always be used when ever each is appropriate.

Not just upvote. Downvote should be used especially if there is an abuse.  Thanks

Matthew Rosenquist 9 months ago

It is great that:

1. The people on Uptrennd take the time to come up with improvement ideas

2. The Admins listen and will forward on good ideas

3. The Devs actually create features based upon user's inputs

It is unusual for a site to have such constructive interaction.  That makes Uptrennd powerful!

Shadda 🇵🇰 9 months ago

Thanks Matthew for commenting,

I thinks now its our duty to take part in targeted promotion and remove scammers and spammers from uptrennd and make it heathly asap.

Admin are really great and cooperative as well.

Yes, I with you that it's our interaction that can make uptrennd powerfull and usefull as well.

Shadda 🇵🇰 9 months ago

Since owner sir, jeff duty is to provide a plateforum .

St3v3 T88888 9 months ago

Great requests and will forward this on to the team for you my friend

Shadda 🇵🇰 9 months ago

thanks alot steve for support these requests. I think 🤔 all uptrenndian want these things.  

today Samuel also have written a similar post. 







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