My thoughts on Uptrennd future

I wish to address Jeff Kirdeikis, the Uptrennd entrepreneur, post on the near and far future of Uptrennd.

If the data is correct then I published my first post on 18 August 2019, thus making me a member of this community for 4 months.

The major problem of Uptrennd is the problem of two systems – the endless point system and the finite 1UPs system. Those will clash if this problem is not dealt with.

I have painted many ugly paintings with my inability to paint. Surely, no one wants to buy those. Now, I have burnt few. Will this give value to the un-burnt ones? Of course not.

With the decision to burn 1UPs the clash of those two systems is becoming nearer. Does this influence the 1UPs price? No, the 1UPs are, at the moment, losing value.

The second problem is that Uptrennd is a "sell" system. Meaning, that community members accumulate points which they convert to 1UPs and sell those in order to "make money" for their "living expenses". Thus, the target of the system is to "sell" 1UPs. Let us assume that the mobile pay system that accept 1UPs is working on my near home coffee shop.

This makes me eager to earn more points, convert those to 1UPs and sell those quickly and easily to the coffee shop. Uptrennd in its essence is a 1UPs "sell" community.

The solution to those two problems is moving to the A-Token ecosystem instead or parallel to the usage of 1UPs. I will explain that A-Token is printable while increasing its value because the use of an Ether reserve.

At the moment, the financial reports of Uptrennd are not open and we do not know the financial situation of Uptrennd. And, of course, Uptrennd entrepreneurs wish to earn money on their investment and they surely deserve it.

I have commented on a different post that, at the moment, income from advertising does not "buy" 1UPs. The current ad network that is used, probably, pays in US$ and not in 1UPs.

What are the "buy" of the 1UPs system of Uptrennd?

  1. Level up – Mainly workable in the point system, but, if Uptrenndians will buy packs to up level themselves, which, I personally doubt, this is certainly a "buy".

  2. Advertising – Mainly used in the point system. The current income of the ad network participation does not influence the 1UP system.

  3. Community buying – sounds like a real "buy" activity. Of course, depends on the activation process: life time, 3 years period and such. I did not understood the earnings of such an owner: is it 3% (or more) added points?    

  4. Post boosting – Sounds to me more on the point system.

  5. Paid communities – Sounds to me more on the point system.

  6. Marketplace – Was not mentioned in this post, but, this is a real "buy" activity.

On the technology developments:

  1. Adding blips – good idea.

  2. Images – need to be more friendly and easy to upload. Good idea.

  3. Tagging – needed!

On the move for other issues:

My friend decided to set a record from his learning institution in Jerusalem to his home in Tel Aviv which used to take him about an hour drive. So, he speed his way home. After a quarter of an hour, only far a quarter of an hour from home – the car broke down. It took him 5 hours to get home…-J. Sometimes in life we need not rush things. We need to keep the current momentum and continue the technological development and stay with crypto.

If we wish to have more issues I would copy the same system to a new domain.

Let me explain:

Upcrypto – the current system will have a new domain and community members will continue their activity as usual.

Upphotography – new issue under same technology on different domain name. Both systems will use the same token (I believe, eventually it will be A-Token) and use the same community members data base. This means that all members registered on one platform can use both platforms. There will be united issues, such as marketplace, that will be automatically displayed on both sites.

This is the way – I would do it….

Yes! If this post light the problems – it is because I believe in the Uptrennd team to listen and make the proper decisions. I like the Uptrennd system. It is a family kind of system, thus, I allow myself to freely write my thoughts and try to influence on the right move and the future of Uptrennd.

I hope this post is helpful.

Arik Schenkler an investment cryptocurrency










preview not available Osato Jegede
10 Dec

All points raised are very vital and sure will be communicated to the appropriate authorities 


j.toons .
10 Dec

I think before inventors of uptrennd came up with the idea of uptrennd they knew all this problems would certainly come up so I wouldn't conclude on any of the facts you listed above because I know Jeff and his crew will sought things out...anyway thanks for sharing 







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