My second favorite is XRP coin.

Coin is another currency that works like Bitcoin. Which I like the other. Ripple works on every platform. Its transaction method is very good. Its design is very impressive. This is a very beautiful stage. Which has set the stage through Ripple. I have experienced very well in this. ‌‌‌ Ripple is growing rapidly in the world. I believe that is true. That will soon see Ripple's price rising. Ripple is cheap and small right now. Which makes us good profit in buying and selling.

What is Ripple ?
Have you ever wondered. What is Ripple? It has a transfer of value. Or a representation. I know the work about the main purpose. But both are based on a cryptocurrency. He always works on the exchange. They can all be transacted by bitcoins. Their transaction amount is also ‌‌‌ it is about 0.00001. Ripple earns profite on every transaction.

Have you ever wondered. Who made Ripple. And how it started. I know very little about it. But nowadays everything is found on the Internet. But it takes time for some start. It started around 2013. The EDonkey network is its creator. Investments in it have been done by Jed McCaleb. They have formed their own groups. Its founder's refusal is Chris Larsen. He has his own business executive. Which he is known for his rich personality in cryptocurrency. He started online in about 1996. He used to work on E-loans. It also has a second founder. Whose name is Rip McLab. Both of them used to do transactions around the world.







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