My road back to Fitness: Got My Running Shoes!

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One of the best ways to shed some weight is running distances right? Long distance runs not only keeps you in shape but trains your endurance threshold. So that's my start point after a long time away from the gym, not that I want to willingly but the pandemic made me lose my gym membership and it would be dumb to defy curfew and go catch a virus whether real or not. Let's say its real and its not just mainstream media scare tactics, its a no brainer to go out, except if your life depends on it. Before my aunt died few days to Christmas, I have been away from my apartment in the city a lot then the death of my aunt took me out of the city till now, planning to go back means I have to plan my way back to fitness. 

Working out from home takes a whole lot of dedication and devotion, that is if you have the gears to work out, plus if you actually stay put at home to keep fit. Home workout also works perfectly if you stay put at home, and also if you can stick to your routines right? I have not been so stable in my apartment back in the city before my aunt passed away in December, now I'm still away from home and it just feels like I'm getting heavier by extra day I spent away from home in the city.

Planning to go back means I have to go back to full fitness after the whole burial and many sad episodes pre and post my dear Aunt's passing. But in the midst of it all, I got a few New Year Gifts and one of them is the running Sneakers which I just got, I took a black and white picture with a pair and you can see my grown beards too showing you how much I have missed home/my apartment back in the city. I want to begin my journey back to fitness with some endurance runs, a few laps up and down the hill in my area. That would be done dawn and dusk till I feel my muscles lively awake, that would be my own kind of Cardiovascular workout then I'll try and renew my gym membership to work on my muscles.

At 100kg or a little more, I don't want to add more flesh but toe my muscles. Then build the most important parts which for me is my core muscles; my back and then my thighs, my biceps, my Abs etc. Not that I want to go back to being bulky like before, till trying to shed some of those muscles I built. But I Want it toned and be able to fix back pains with building more back muscles. If you are reading this and you don't have back troubles then you are one lucky son of a Gun.

I hoped I'll be able to share some workout videos, it sucks to be so  camera shy, but if I can't, I'll definitely take some pictures and share in posts to encourage anyone who is trying to shed some weight and anyone trying to go into muscle building.




Yamin Nuruddin
23 Jan

Oh yes, keeping fit keeps your body immune system strong, especially crucial during these covid times. 

You're lucky to be able to go out or to the gym. Here in my country, we're still in complete lockdown due to heavy second wave fatalities, and I can only take a fast walk round the car at home, hehe. 


Captain Philips
24 Jan

Oh yes sire, I can run in my estate/close. I wish there's a gym in there too


Moses Antia
23 Jan

#no pain no gain

#more pain more gain

That's always in my head when I hit the motivate me a lot

Work hard bro


Captain Philips
23 Jan

Sure thing sis, theres a goal and target already


Zahid Bin
24 Jan

Great work done by you brother. Obviously fitness is an important issue to discuss. If we can make ourself fit we can become happy. If health is  well everything in this world seems to be well. 


Manzar Baloch
24 Jan

I also used running shoes these shoes actually are basic ingredients for the morning walk


faruq jibrin
24 Jan

Working out with boots is a professional way to exercise.







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