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My Review Of Some Monetized Social And Blogging Platforms

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Jeff Kirdeikis 1 month ago

Thanks for the unbiased review!
Always great to get some critical feedback!

UI updates and mobile app in the works!

Athar Saleem 1 month ago

◎  Jeff Kirdeikis ☞

We are patiently waiting for "android app".

Lucas S 1 month ago

I'm excited for it! Maybe a good way to kick off 2020.

Jonathan B 1 month ago

The constant sign outs are driving me a little crazy tbh. I use Brave/desktop nearly all the time, though I suspect it's not different on Chrome in that regard, though maybe mobile it's not so bad. I must sign in to Uptrennd literally 12 times a day. Flattering on one hand--that I'm willing to go through that rigamarole, but obviously an issue.

I look forward to the app

Jansen Admin 1 month ago

Do you have 2FA active for sign in? 

Jonathan B 1 month ago

For sign in? I assumed it was only for withdraws

Jansen Admin  1 month ago

It can also be activated (on demand) especially for sign-ins.
Setting is here: https://www.uptrennd.com/twofactor-authentication
As extra security setting for your account.

We have made a small change to it a while ago, and from that moment the automatic sign-out issue was solved for about all users who had this issue. So was wondering if somehow that update did not arrive to your device.
But if you have not activated it, has to be something else.

Jonathan B 1 month ago

It's definitely less of an issue on Chrome. I've only had to sign in a couple times today. Pity, now I can't earn 1UP and BAT at the same time! 

Jonathan B 1 month ago

When I click that link, it shows activated. I will try Uptrennd on Chrome today and see if there's the same issue.

Jansen Admin  1 month ago

Do you mean it shows green (activated) but you are not asked for a 2FA code each time you log back in? 

Jansen Admin  1 month ago

That is indeed incorrect, and would not be surprised this is (part) of the cause of your issue. Have created a ticket for your case for the developers. 

Jonathan B 1 month ago

Okay, thanks Jansen. Weirdly, being logged out too often is much less of a problem on Chrome than Brave, but does still happen. I don't know what the usual amount of inactivity time the developers have set before you're auto logged out, but on Brave it can happen even after just a minute or two sometimes

Amani Lamek 1 month ago

...that Android app.... 😋😋😋😋

Lucas S 1 month ago

Great reviews of all these sites, although I only have experience with half of them. The logging out problem on here has been resolved on my mobile for the past month, so for that I am grateful.

Always looking forward to reviews like this down the road!

Jan Bouda 1 month ago

I have been using Minds for a while. I do it to promote my Uptrennd’s posts or any other cool posts from Uptrennd, the advantage there is to share your complete link (it can be also from Publish0x) and add hashtags. Due to its big user base, I think it’s great for advertising and referral conversion. The minds tokens besides hardfork conversion, don’t have much value, so it’s basically for using them on site.

Jonathan B 1 month ago

Can you add a referral code onto the end of Uptrennd article links? 

Dotun Deetee 1 month ago

This is pretty much an interesting review buddy. Keep up the good work and enjoy being on here.

Sree S 1 month ago

very good info and comparision of social networks with uptrennd!!


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