My Reason to be at Uptrennd @Betty

Hi Dear Betty, you said to write a post stating what makes Uptrennd stand for you with or without 1Up. 

Here is my answer- There are tons of good reasons that I might tell you why I would work, whether Uptrennd pays or does not pay. I pretty well know that most of us will show our interest in work, even if Uptrennd was not a paying site. 

Okay, I agree people work or stay glued on social media for no financial game but they do not have any rules but you can post there, whatever you like for the sake of LIKE. I also know that everyone’s post will focus on the sense of a purpose working for or dedicating their time to help the community. 

I agree that these are valid points and I pretty much honor their opinion. After all, people work for social media for reasons best suitable to them. But let me make it clear that my reasons are absolutely selfish. No, please don’t read me wrong, I did not say money anywhere as one of my selfish reasons though. 

Then why do I work for Uptrennd? Again, it might sound surprising yet interesting that I feel like I am working here as a student gaining knowledge every minute meeting new people. 

I joined Uptrennd on June 20th but this site is on the web since 2019 when Jeff Kirdeikis created it. now I know that he has been associated with Cryptocurrency Investment and allied networks for a longer time. He decided to give social media a new form. 

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He wanted to bring revenue based on adverts as well as a blogging opportunity for people interested in social media with new earning opportunities. Jeff came up with the trending idea of UPtrennd. Uptrennd gave its user the opportunity of learning as well as earning at the same time.

I live in a country where people from eighty different countries live in perfect peace and harmony with no clash of self-interest. Every one of us earns a decent income, which is sufficient for our livelihood, but I am a writing freak. Trust me, I am not a writer but write for my personal satisfaction and also for meeting new people that I come across on a daily basis. 

I have been on social media and various writing sites from a relatively young age and gained a lot of experience interacting with people from different cultures. I’ve been on social media for almost 14 years now and in this time I’ve earned money and I can still do it but earning money from writing is not my sole purpose.

I have mentioned a couple of times here and on other sites as well that what I earn on Uptrennd in one month is less than my 10 minutes earning from my offline job and less than a few hours’ earning on some of my writing/survey sites. 

Would you believe that I have stopped working on almost all my previous sites barring a few newly joined sites all dealing with cryptocurrency? The fact, I did nothing much in the cryptocurrency apart from buying and selling Bitcoin (trading is legal in my country) before joining Uptrennd. 

So, I am glued to Uptrennd to gain some knowledge about crypto is another reason to be here as I get to learn something new on this site.

 have joined a few telegram channels to learn about more tokens and coins, and trust me; I am enjoying all of it. Yes, some of this can well be in the category of ‘monetary profit’ but the knowledge I am gaining is immense. I’m not saying that gaining this knowledge is easy, or easy but as I see an unlimited scope in the world of crypto in the coming years, I wish to abreast with the latest information.

So, I would like to stay on this site whether it pays or doesn’t pay. After all, I am getting the reward of knowledge paying no fees, so why should I deny it? Finally, If I don’t mention the company of people from across the world unknown to me so far is yet another advantage. 

Let me add if my reward comes in form of challenges, but with fast growth in times to come, I will definitely consider it seriously. 

I can see the future of the finance sector in cryptocurrency. Would you believe that after meeting so many sweet people here on this site, I would love to visit South and North Africa and Pakistan once the travel restriction is over? 

I am working on Uptrennd as people work with an NGO. My main motto to work on uptrennd educational empowerment for cryptocurrency, writing, and meeting people from different parts, so far unknown to me. Monitoring and getting the guidance even that coming from knowledgeable youth in this field. 

I would like to grow my network with different people who are part of the crypto-world. 

I am in contact with passionate people. Maybe I speak little, but I am reading all crypto-related information in Uptrennd and related channels in Telegram. I am not saying that all this was easy for me, but I faced lots of difficulties, in the beginning, learning the basic terms, but all the time that I am spending here is worth it, and I am learning new terms and related to knowledge. 

In the end, but this is no lesser important, I am learning a lot about Nigeria and Pakistan, and the beautiful people on this website (barring one).

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I have written this review on to make this site more popular

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Chidiebere Nze
15 Jan

Engagement in uptrennd is higher than any other blockchain social media, community members are really participating and engaging with others


Suny Ag
15 Jan

True, this is all part of a token generation of Uptrennd. Every click at the site helps the site create more revenue.


Agaga Julius
15 Jan

Before now, I know just little about the crypto world but uptrennd gave me that opportunity to learn more about it. Making friends here have been made possible and simple just because of the use of uptrennd and also gaining knowledge


Raza Malik
15 Jan

Uptrennd platform is like a family level.

We are busy in love with each other.

This great opportunity of love 💕 is commendable.

I am feeling better on this platform.


Suny Ag
15 Jan

Engage in quality posts with quality and produce quality posts to grow faster! All the best...


RinNy Mboro
15 Jan

I really like as you mentioned ga in in knowledge because that's one reason I am with uptrennd

In uptrennd we get to learn too and because I seek knowledge,I always be with uptrennd


Chidiebere Christian
15 Jan

The knowledge we get from Uptrennd is second to know. Infact, it's the platform that offers more than rewards. Such a great time to be a Trenndian







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