My purchase on receiving the first amount of uptrennd (contest by Saqib Ajmal)

First of all, I would like to thank my Almighty God for bringing me to this place.

Allaah helps man in all his troubles, and Allaah knows best. He said to his slave, 'Who needs what and what is needed?'

I need a good job which Allah Almighty gave me in the form of uptrennd.

Now I would also like to thank 

Sir Saqib who put up such a good contest.

Having a very good contest has a lot to say about what I would like to buy from the first one.


preview not available

I joined uptrennd today from 2019

Then it was much easier for you and a post was written about bitcoin.

It was very easy for us to take a post, take a post from Google and copy and paste it and post it on uptrennd here.

I used it for a while and then I left this platform thinking there is no earning here.

Shortly after, my sister got paid from this platform and then I became convinced that she actually got paid on this platform, so I rejoined her.

uptrennd is a very good platform and here we can easily make money.

Now I have accumulated about 7000 points.

I hope that when the price of 1up is higher, the price of points will also be much higher.

¹st earning

preview not available

My first earning would be something like this.If you make money on your own, this happiness is great.

I am very much waiting for the price of 1up to go up and I will sell my points and when will I get this happiness.

The things I will buy on the first earning and I will tell you.


preview not available

When I first hold this money in my hand, I will give some of it as charity.

Charity averts much calamity.

Giving charity also brightens our hereafter and we should always donate some of our money to charity.

I have a habit of giving charity even if I have only 10 rupees.

The habit of giving charity should always be adopted.

hєlpíng σrphαns

preview not available

I wish the way Abdul Sattar Edhi helped the teams.I also want to help orphans like Abdul Sattar Edhi.

I can't be like Abdul Sattar Edhi he was a great person but i would like to adopt her habit.

Orphans are helpless. People leave their children at the Eddy Center on their own.

Orphans need a lot of our help the way our heart does good food to wear well they are also small children they also have a lot of heart to eat well and dress well.

Allaah rewards those who lay their hands on the heads of orphans with a great reward and doubles their earnings.

If you can't make much of your earnings, but you must save a portion for the orphans and they must also help the orphans with money.

ɢɪғᴛꜱ ғᴏʀ ᴘᴀʀᴇɴᴛꜱ

preview not available

I will definitely buy it as a gift for my parents and I will be very happy that I am going to give them a gift for the first time with the money I have earned.

Parents have their own, they have accumulated a lot of money, they do not need our gifts, but if we give them something as a gift, there is no place for their happiness.

I will try my best not to do much for them but I will give them as much as I can according to my status.

shσppíng fσr mчsєlf

preview not available

I would definitely like to do some shopping for myself.

As i will buy



Dress 👗

I will not be happy when I buy something for myself with the money I have earned.

Things are still bought, but only with parents' money.

For the first time in my life, I would buy something for myself.


preview not available

I have been in the habit from the beginning that I had saved money from my pocket money.

I will definitely save some of my first earnings from uptrennd 

Even if I save only  Rs 2000.

It is very foolish to invest all the money and the real rich person is the one who saves some of his money so that it can be used in the future when it is needed.

If you also want to take part in this contest, go to the ​Link​​​ given by me and take part in it.


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Sunny Khan
26 Nov

Wow that's great dear wish you best of luck sir saqib organize great give away I will also try my best to participate in this give away


Ibrahim Usman Magaji
26 Nov

Uptrend is the best. I pray and wish for the price of 1up to go higher and higher. 

This is a nice plan on how to spend the money gotten from uptrend.

I wish you good luck in the contest.


Abid Ali
26 Nov

Dear I appreciate your plan you make when you get your first Is a good thing and help of orphans is also good. Always support others. Stay Blessed 


Saira Kakar
26 Nov

wow its an great opportunity given by saqib Ajmal its an great platform for earning and learning about different thing i have not reacive my first withdraw because i am making my level ups 


Raheem Rao
26 Nov

Wao that good 

You show that you have many  good and beautiful  wishes  on first  earning  that's  nice 

One day you will get your reward  and your  all wishes  goes to competition 







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