Uptrennd is not just an ordinary place that we come to gain.

I joined uptrennd the last weeks of May and that was my gateway towards blogging and vlogging as the case might be. It was not all that blissful, especially with the fact that I had to start with making some senseless comments and posts.


I came to know about the "leaderboard" from a friend about my three weeks in uptrennd then I made the determination to be there, no matter what it takes. So I relied on spam to make sure I reached it. I commented fiercely and terribly at the same time.

To my greatest surprise I did, and even took the first position in weekly twice before getting muted lol. That was my first goal accomplished. I didn't feel much satisfied along the way as my journey up there was just characterised with some crazy and some "uncalled for" acts.


I turned to making posts and by that my comment rate reduced and I started to have a better view of the platform. In the beginning it was not that blissful as some form of posts were considered spam. Posts like, "level up", "good morning", "low quality photography" and so on. That again gave me a nudge and I had to ofcourse move towards that side of reading to make posts, getting ideas from reality, prompts and so on. Just along the line, I got my first guardian upvote 😳. I was like what! Haha.

My heart was gladdened because it meant only one thing.

My post quality have increased! So proud I was.


Continued from that, I relentlessly saw some posts by uptrennd University students and I was like what a great time these guys invested in putting up quality time for their posts. I envied many  of them as I was seeing that feat as an impossible one, buy I pressed on and there it was I got selected!

Nothing got me happier than that, I was very much happy through out that day as I rejoiced like I got admission into a physical university. I feel very glad even till this moment.


I was made very proud also when I saw the need to connect to friends.
Right now I have friends from more than five countries aside my country and I always to chat with them and connect always. What great gift uptrennd gave me!

I can walk with my heads up high knowing that I have made some significant achievement though that is not all.

These four points marked some changing points in my life as I move further to better days ahead in uptrennd.

Thank you Emaan, for this.

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Freekay Gold
29 Nov

wow I really appreciate your effort on uptrennd and you have made a great experience that inspired me so much.

Good luck.


Humaira Khattak
29 Nov

Really you gain great experience 

In uptrend as uptrend is wide platform that people are using it and share their beautiful experience here among us . God bless you


Sajjad Ali
29 Nov

Right dear uptrennd is a great platform you gain skills and earn money. In this platform we share experience to others. I appriciate this platform. 


Tasleem Mohsin
29 Nov

That is your hard work and efforts that you have put in the platform . And in regard you have received these achievements.


Safari Bangz
29 Nov

Chai, !!! If there is one thing I miss now is the leaderboard... Kai!!! That shiit motivated me... But it's well.. I missed those moments bro...  And yes when I got admitted into university it was as if Jesus hugged me 







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