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In Genesis 1:26, God created and handed over the dominion to rule the earth over to man. 

Genesis 3, accounts for the fall of man and invariably the loss of the dominion over to the sapient called the devil. 

The consequences of the fall of man, invariably hands over the authority to govern the earth over to the devil. 

Job 1:6-7 Satan was pictured going to and from the earth, his the master of the earth, hence his business. 

Matthew 4:1-11, in the temptation of Jesus by the devil, he did offer to give Jesus all the pleasures of the earth, funny enough, Jesus didn't contend with the devil that it wasn't his to give. Because indeed, it was Satan's possession to path with. 

John 14:30, saw Jesus referring to the devil as the prince of this World. That was how powerful the devil his. 

2 Corinthians 4:4 Paul referred to the devil as the God of this world. 

Colossians 2:10 confirmed that Jesus is the head of all principalities and powers. 

The critical question is with the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus, for whom  Philippians 2 boldly stated that at the mention of the name Jesus, every keen and tongues  bow, both in heaven, earth and beneath the earth. 

Between Jesus and the devil, who is still in charge of the earth? 

The answer is simple, the devil don't own the earth, but the dominion to rule over the earth still resides with the devil. Hence, the whole body of politics, economic, social and cultural perspectives is derived to rule the nation's of the that's not centered on the will of God directly from the devil who sits over the rulers of this World. ?

Although Jesus had paid the price of death which was required by the law for transgressing it, however Revelation 12:12 stated that God's plant to deal with the devil is certain but his own time. 

To keep it short, question 2: What's God's promise to our material well-being as heir of the kingdom? Will be treated in my next article. 

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Suny Ag
16 Mar

Actually, this world is full of evil forces but not ruled by them. The Devil represents evil but will never take over this world. The Devil is probably the Prince of the world but would never be the King or Lord of this world. I have faith in purity and trust in Him.


Godwin Imafidor
16 Mar

Thy will be done on earth ad it is in heaven Jesus asked his disciples to pray. While I agree with you, I believe dominion is back to man and who rules now depends on whom man submit his will to or give his allegiance


Jeremiah Akpabio
16 Mar

Satan is hovering around the world to confuse people from doing God'swill but the authority to rule over the world reside in Christ Jesus. With faith in Christ we shall conquer satan and his intrigues.


Rosewell ogini
16 Mar

That is why the Bible says watch and pray study the word, trust in God and his will come to pass in your life


Amjad Ali Waince
16 Mar

Man is a adjutant of God on earth. All the power are with Almighty God. Devil can effort to make  some mess up to  our faith but not forever. Yes devil's rule on the rulers of world is quite visible but at the last God will do justice with all. 







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