My newest NFT handmade art collage launched on Hive blockchain – Swami Prabhupada the Messiah

Good day Uptrennders, this is my sixth handmade collage artwork, that dropped today, to great fanfare, fun and finesse. Since finding the digital art gallery on the Hive blockchain, my vocation as an artist has gone global and blown up tot he next level. Creative inspiration has been boosted and history is being made – at least in my world. We can all dream as big as we like. My dream is manifesting of being a globally visible artist, and blockchain technology is my channel.

We are so early into this revolutionary technology. Basically we’re talking about the Web3.0, where next level internet technology is coming of age. Blockchain technology is unlocking potentials that the old web was not able to provide. Now an artist or anyone with creative imagination, can upload a digital, timestamped product onto the blockchain, whether it’s an artwork, or a document or a contract (like a title deed or lease) and it will remain there as if in a vault of a bank. No one can copy, imitate, forge or change that uploaded tokenized object because it’s history can be traced. We can follow it through the course of time on the blockchain open distributed ledger.

Someone could come along and make a copy but the record is there of when the original was minted, and so we can see the original that appeared first in chronological order, after which any others will be imitations. And there is no middle man to interfere or change anything either. No broker, agent or lawyer is needed and those professions may dwindle in the future as the blockchain takes over and acts as the platform of least resistance. Fees will diminish, commissions will be at a minimum and we can trade or enter agreement or contract peer to peer, as Satoshi Nakamoto, the pseudonymous inventor of bitcoin, the first  blockchain, always envisaged.

At the NFT (non-fungible token) art gallery for example, I place my artwork up for sale and any buyer can see it, pay me in cryptocurrency and simply unlock the digitalized version of my particular original paper collage artwork. I still use the old school technique of hand made paper collage cut and paste technology. Then the finished art piece is scanned into a digital photographic format and that is uploaded onto the blockchain at the gallery.

Once there I mint as many copies as I want and put a price on them. Today’s collage upload or drop or launch is called “Swami Prabhupada the Messiah”. The subject is a leading guru figure and teacher of the Vedic literature, particularly Bhagavad Gita and Bhagavat Purana, which he translated into the English language from Sanskrit, adding individual purports or commentaries on each and every verse. 

Swami Prabhupada (aka A. C. Bhaktivedanta swami Prabhupada) then brought his translated texts to the west from India in 1966, personally selling his first printed copies and then going on to establish 108 temples or yoga training ashrams all over the planet, while finishing his translating work. Basically he started a revolution and an entire global yoga movement, which still runs today, despite his demise in 1977. In this way I see him as a modern day messiah – in the light-hearted version of the concept of course. 

Like the old Christ messiah, Swami Prabhupada made many disciples – initiated students – who studied his translated books and some of who went on to run the organization that he set up. His legacy lives on forever, and although not a new religion, his teachings on the oldest religion, namely Hinduism, has been successfully transplanted to the western world, out of it’s hidden home in India.

And so I have perhaps irreverently taken a picture/photo of an old master’s mural depicting the old Messiah and his disciples, and simply transplanted the head of Swami Prabhupada on top of it. I presume the old master won’t mind me plagiarising his iconic masterpiece a little. H is long gone after all. Around the outer shell I added a few embellishments on the collage and it has just become today’s NFT drop for all the world to admire. Swami Prabhupada would be pleased... I presume.

The old “masters” can discuss it among themselves if they have any discrepancies, in the astral or afterlife. Here on the ground – if we can call cyberspace that – my artwork and theirs has been immortalized yet again, particularly since it’s now a permanent feature on the “uncensorable” blockchain. 

Today’s NFT drop has ten minted prints, with none on sale. His time around I minted twice as many as usual, and also halved the usual price. I decide that this particular collage should go for less but to potentially more buyers. It’s one way of spreading the art around. And it provides variety, with works at diverse price ranges. This conclusion was also based on the fact that the collage incorporates the older mural work of that old master, so I kept the price really low. I’m not the only artist involved and can’t take too much credit – only a little.

So the price of 4 Hivecoins at today’s rate comes to only $1,20. Of course, the Hivecoin will fluctuate in value as they all do all the time, implying that the artwork will also fluctuate in price. If and when Hivecoin has a dramatic rise in price, then I may reduce the price, depending on how many sell, out of the nine available. The tenth print can stay in my collection on the blockchain. 

I don’t expect masses of buyers clamoring for a minted print of a modern day saint but that is out of my hands. I simply love making these collages and enjoy uploading them to the blockchain for posterity. NFTs as a concept, are really going to be making bigger waves as time goes on. Already some artists are earning a living from selling their work on certain blockchains, like Ethereum. In the same way I’m happy to dream big but have no attachment to the outcome or result. 

I’m merely the channel for Swami Prabhupada who wanted to go digital. The title for him is “acharya” – a Sanskrit word meaning a teacher who leads by example, and who may break the old paradigm by leading a new trend or revolution with his teachings. So here the good swami wanted to move into the blockchain technology space as a NFT token, and this has been achieved, for the indefinite future. The legacy has gone to the next level, and I’m merely the via-medium.

Here’s the full title for today’s NFT drop: 

Swami Prabhupada the Messiah “The messiah is the anointed one who appears whenever there is a rise in ignorance. S/he appears as the Acharya, Avadhuta or Avatar to set the record straight.

Pick up a copy for yourself at the and have a piece of history based on further history, as we all stand on the shoulders of giants who have gone before us, both artistic, academic and philosophical.



preview not available Hafsa M
05 Mar

you are great artist, you hope your dream comes true and you will be an international known artist :)


Julescape Crypto
07 Mar

Thank you Hafsa, I appreciate your kind words of encouragement. The dream is manifesting day by day.


Lucas S
04 Mar

Pretty cool that you have a digital outlet for your art! I thinks its great that such marketplaces exist. Future of art, in another medium.


Julescape Crypto
07 Mar

Yes the blockchain has facicitated my desire to share my art, more so than any other platform in the past.


Vesko Petkov
04 Mar is a super cool place! I


Julescape Crypto
07 Mar

Hey there Vesko, yes it's working well on the Hive blockchain.


preview not available Busola Monsucre
05 Mar

Happy to see your dreams come through, I love to see people pursue their passion, your art is outstanding and having it as NFT in the crypto space madness it even more unique. well done Jules.


Julescape Crypto
07 Mar

Hey there many thanks Busola, the blockchain is allowing us all to express ourselves more freely and to a larger audience, and the art takes the crypto space beyond just money.


preview not available etson arrantes
05 Mar

This is something amazing.. You are an artist, i can easily say that.. And i also love this new digital arts.. I have found some great works in proof of art.. So unique.. 


Julescape Crypto
07 Mar

Many thanks Eston, our talents can be expressed in the crypto space, whatever they may be, it seems. PoA is the way to go for visual artists, and even music can be tokenized as a NFT on the blockchain apparently.







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