My Mountain Climbing Adventure Experience

 have always longed to have an adventure experience in mountain climbing. Just one evening, I called a friend of mine who had been to the mountain before to let us visit it together and he was glad, cause that is exactly what he loves doing, especially when it is adventurous. Believe me, my intention was to go climbing and have fun not to involve in any risk. But my thought was all wrong as my experience was one hundred percent adventurous climbing the biggest and highest mountain in the state.

There is sure no doubt about reaching or going through a thick bush or mini-forest before reaching any mountain. Yeah, we went through a bit thick bush where we missed our way and had to roughly take risks in finding the right part. The adventurous part of the experience was climbing the mountain via the wrong side, where we had to climb up and down hills, jump over deep wholes and walking circumspectly by caves. We had a whole lot of stressful moments and tiring moves in the process. Although we were kind of scared but we were at the same time bold enough to gather our courage to keep climbing up high and sloppy hills, even if it was risking. We kept jumping over deep spaces and holes, even if it was dangerous. All these would have been out of the experience if we had taken the right way.

The climbing and jumping were in stages, as you know, you reach low level mountains before reaching the apex. So, climbing to the apex was the most difficult part of it, and somehow very risky. While climbing up, no one dare look back or down, or you get terrified and having a feeling of falling right away. And the distance down is something to write home about, believe me.

The most scary part was when we were just a few miles away from the top of the mountain, taking a rest when an old man came forth. The old man said he is a farmer and he owns all the farms we came across on the mountain before getting to where he met us. He commended us for being brave enough to have taken the way we took and warned us not to ever go through it again saying "About three persons died climbing this moutain through this part we are taking about ten years ago.* He clarified by saying it wasn't while they were climbing up but while they were climbing down which is more scary. This information got everyone of us terrified and worried. Nevertheless, we climbed on and on till we finally got to the peak of the mountain.

Above all odds, getting to the top of the mountain was amazing. We took our rest. We drank water and ate snacks we took along in our bag. It was exciting, we took pictures and had fun. We saw few things that amazed us, things placed on the mountain by religious individuals for worship sake. We took a few walk around and when it was time we set off to leave via the main route. The stress of climbing down was more than the stress of climbing up, regardless of the risks taken. Our legs were tired and climbing down makes them hurt.

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preview not available Adelan o
19 Feb

You must have had an amazing time bro, keep exploring nature and having fun. Lol


Nadeem Shahzad
16 Mar

Wow..... mountain climbing not only gives pleasure, it also improves stamina which is the sign of good health.


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