My latest original collage art piece –"USA Capitol explodes"

Hey there Uptrennders, on occasion I need to take time away form the computer and from writing and research, in order to find a balance. My alternative creative outlet is visual, to stimulate the other hemisphere of my brain, the visual and intuitive side, as opposed to the logical and language hemisphere. Here is one of my latest collage pieces. 

I call it “USA Capitol explodes” because it was done around the time of the USA election, just recently. The world was watching the election race of a lifetime and it appeared to me that America was torn apart. 

The fight is still going on there around the election right now. States are divided, truth is questionable, who knows what is really going on or who is actually president of America? My collage depicts the political center of America, the Capitol building and you can see that the top is blown off by an explosion, and flames are spewing out of the top if it. 

You can see pieces of the American map split up and spilled about like bits of succession states, split apart and all over the place as the collateral damage from the explosion in the center. If you look closely, you can see that the perfectly round architecture that circles the exploded Capitol building, is actually made up of the inner view of that same Capitol building. 

It’s the inner view of the same dome roof. If you looked up at the vaulted dome ceiling from below, you would see that circular image. So the collage is all connected. Besides that, on the left and right sides of the circle in the center, we can see the white marble sculpted statues of the old presidents, like Lincoln, etc. 

These statues are also from the inside of the Capitol building, if you were to walk around and inspect the artworks or sculptures there. Added in among the white marble sculpted presidents, you can see two native American “Indians”. These are two original black and white images of a chief and his son, kneeling, ironically, taking a knee, while holding their rifles at the ready. 

These native American chiefs belong among the presidents because they were the original leaders of the true American tribal nations. And they are the ancestors of America, they embody the original spirit of America, “the land of the free and the home of the brave”. 

I put these collages together using paper and scissors and glue, with the cut out pictures from magazines glued to a piece of scrap book paper. It is quite old school, you might say. No digital technology at all, like photoshop. This is all done by hand, with paper and glue. 

I would like to sell these collages on the blockchain, as NFTs or non-fungible tokens. I hear it can be done on but have very little information yet. If you can recommend a way that I could get these collages up for sale, even as copies, then let me know. I have a few collages already and have shown one or two already in previous posts. I will post more in days to come too.

The subject matter of this particular art piece may be a bit less appealing, especially to American audiences, since it looks like the destruction of their nation. Some of my other collages will look more artistically appealing. But in the end I do them as a meditation or a recreational pastime. I am not motivated by money, or trying to make a statement. I am simply expressing myself, via visual art.

I don’t start with an image in mind, but simply look at the pictures and let then guide me, or I let my imagination run free, collecting images that resonate in color or subject matter. I let the imagination tell a story, without my conscious mind getting too involved. The conscious mind does the fine cutting and layout or composition of the image overall, so that it looks balanced and composed, as a visual image overall.

In this way I get to express my creative talents as an amateur artist as well as writer, here on the blockchain. When life is a permanent holiday, with all the time in the world to do as I please every day of the week all year long, then the result is art. There is no urgency to survive, no desperation for cash and so no need to struggle to make money or be in a job.

I have a part time job that has been stifled by lockdown as it revolves around travel, but life goes on here in sunny South Africa, a paradise on earth all year long. So I spend my time making art and philosophizing or meditating. That is what life is for – creative expression and self-realization. 

My A3 size collage paper art pieces are part of my legacy as a free spirit, not bound by economics or the consumerist mentality but already fulfilled and living the life of a millionaire because even that it’s a state of consciousness.



Coinoclast II
29 Nov

Interesting piece! I hear the "Rarible" platform allows for relatively easy NFT creation (and sale), but haven't tried it myself.


Julescape Crypto
30 Nov

Hey there Coinoclast many thanks for the pointer to Rarible. Let me check that out.


Ogunleye Oluwafemi olawale
29 Nov

It's good to be creative because it really helps you to readjust yourself when things are not working according to plans as it will help you to switch easily.


Julescape Crypto
30 Nov

Yes, this type of pictorial art is a great escape for the mind from the demands of life. It's a recreational pastime, especially when you are not worried about making money from it.


XxX offiong
29 Nov

You are truly putting your skills to work, I don't know about selling of it but it is a welcome idea and I suggest you continue making more of it as details on how they could be sold is being looked at

 Another nice work of art


Julescape Crypto
30 Nov

Thanks XxX, you are very kind, I have some more art pieces coming along and I will post them in time.


siddharth haribhai
30 Nov

america is not what it used to be too much issues especially for a first world country. one would expect more from them.


Julescape Crypto
30 Nov

Danyavaad bhai sahib. You are blessed with the divine name of Hari. 

Hari on tat sat







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