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My Journey Towards a Goal

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Saqib Ajmal 1 week ago

Wow amazing ur goal  i like 

But every day i have my own goal just running 3 km just in 20 mint 

Lucas S 1 week ago

That's a good pace and will raise the heart rate and circulation tonthe point you must be fit!

Balvinder Suri 1 week ago

Nice routine yet not a fitness freak

Omar Faridi 1 week ago

I cannot run due to health issues, but I am walking about 2 miles each day (fast walk)

I am also unable to do pushups or situps, so will control my diet more

Lucas S 1 week ago

The initiative to fast walk 2 miles a day is awesome, as it's all about the drive to push yourself and being consistent with it. As long as your heart rate rises while exercising it's doing you good. Great job!

Becky Ruvare 1 week ago

Wow,I like these challenges though they are a bit threatening to me lol,I can imagine mountain runs. I do 50 pushups and 50 sit-ups a day myself, don't actually run but jog. This is really a good thing for mental and physical health as you said Lucas.. Way to go, keep persuing your goals

Lucas S 1 week ago

That's pretty awesome yourself! Daily fitness routines help clear the mind and set the body up for success in the following day.

Aliyu Muhammed 1 week ago

i like how you made these goals simpler and achieveable, that way you can easily track your growth.

Lucas S 1 week ago

I think simple is good. Especially when time is a luxury. On my off days a do try to relax and do something else I enjoy that gives me new experience.


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