My Journey to finding Torum

I've been part of many Crypto based social media sites in my quest to earn passive income online and I must confessed, I started as a spammer, who sees these sites like better earning faucets sites.

Over the years, I found Uptrennd, grew on Uptrennd and my orientation about crypto media sites changed. I learnt so much on Uptrennd about quality blogging and putting in that extra effort. Now, blogging isn't about immediate gains but more about building a brand that gets you noticed. Grateful to Uptrennd for that.

The quest to build me a brand led me to other crypto based platforms, where I continue writing my everyday articles. As I write on these platforms, I felt one thing is missing; even though I blog on social media sites where I earn Cryptocurrencies, my understanding of Cryptocurrencies in itself is limited to the basics.

Sometimes last year, 2020 November, an Uptrennd member posted about Torum and I was quite impressed with his review of the site. I followed his referral link, and was led to a blank page. Something tells me to switch to desktop mode, did and registered on Torum.

Getting on Torum, I can attest to the fact it’s a complete crypto based social media. I was impressed with the level of cryptocurrency information’s available on Torum. The more I read, the more I want to learn. Resources available on Torum has helped me become a better crypto hodler, and have eyes for coins with great fundamentals. Aside the information available on Torum, I also earn the native token of this site by doing daily, weekly, and one time missions. The native token of Torum is XTM and this token will be tradeable on an exchange soon. With what I’ve seen on the site, I can boldly say XTM is one coin to Hodl.

Torum Price Prediction

I'm happy this great social media site will be listing it’s native token, XTM on an exchange soon and I'm pumped. My XTM price prediction is $2. You may think this is far fetched but I'll Hodl till XTM price gets to this price.

For context, I'll love to talk about another crypto based social media site I like which is LeoFinance.


LeoFinance is a Web 3 social media platform that is built on a decentralized public blockchain, Hive, with inbuilt tokenomic rewards for content creators, users and investors alike. You can only publish about Cryptocurrencies and Finance on LeoFinance. The native token of LeoFinance is LEO token. LEO operates on a Proof of Stake model, where you can stake LEO to get more LEO POWER, which gives influence over the daily reward pool. Both creators and curators splits reward equally based on LEO POWER.

LEO token is cross-chain as there's a cross-chain bridge to wrap your LEO either as an Ethereum based token or Binance Chain token. You can easily swap your LEO token on LEODEX, a decentralized exchange to trade Hive blockchain based tokens.

The price of LEO as at writing this article is $2.12

DeFi on LEO 

DeFi on LEO birthed Cub Finance, a yield farming platform built on Binance Smart Chain and has CUB token as the native farming token. You can wrap your LEO token to bLEO and utilize on BSC. CUB price is $3.02

Torum Applications.

Though Torum is not Blockchain based yet, this in itself is an added advantage to onboard Crypto newbies. If you loose your private keys on Blockchain based platforms, it will be almost impossible to retrieve the account. What if Twitter ban me on its site? How do I access my LeoFinance account? With Torum, password reset link is posted almost immediately.

DeFi on Torum

Liquidity Farming

Just like Cub Finance, Torum Finance will be a staking/LP platform, where you can stake your XTM to earn. This development will birth a governance token, just like CUB, called XTF (Exchange Torum Finance) that will be earned staking on Torum Finance and tradable on exchanges.

NFT Staking Mechanism

Being a complete Crypto ecosystem, plans are underway to complete Torum NFT Marketplace and Staking platform.

If you compare the Cryptocurrency Ecosystem we are building at TORUM to LeoFinance, you can as well project the future price of XTM and XTF once it lists on an Exchange.

If you are interested in becoming a member of this great Crypto based Ecosystem, I'll love to invite you by following this link.

Referral Link​​​

Either as a new Lander or an old Lander, our daily, weekly, and one time missions are same across board. This way, Torum provides a level playing field for all Landers as even a newbie, with tokens to gift can easily do so.

Welcome to Torum, welcome to freedom



Asher Rasheed
29 Mar

i agree with your point that putting extra efforts doesnot give immediate reward but it is really helpful in making your name and creating a brand.


Makinwa Henry
29 Mar

Wow that is great

I will love to be there

Thanks for sharing


Omoniyi Popoola
29 Mar

I hope you won't mind using my referral link? We both share 150 XTM equally


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