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28 Oct
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My Journey From CopyCat To Content Creater On Uptrennd?

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Elena Demou 8 months ago

Your posts do nothing but get better everytime! I am seriously inspired by your motivation and push... it is awesome to see the transformation you made and the quality post that come from you are on point man! Legend!

Shadda 🇵🇰 8 months ago

Thanks for your compliments! I believe on formula of RCI. R= RITUALISTIC ,C= CONTINUOUS, I= IMPROVEMENT

Ellah Patience 8 months ago

i think im now encouraged to start writing original content, in always som this as a very difficult task but with the benefits i will strive hard and be creative enough to come up with information , thank you

Shadda 🇵🇰 8 months ago

Start writing and you will see improvement everyday automatically

Romana Grubesic 8 months ago

I remember your start :) And I am so glad you fond the way to turn into quality OC provider! :)

Shadda 🇵🇰 8 months ago

Yeah it takes some time but finally i got alot of teacher to teach myself. Your post also had been helping for me. I will continue improvement.

Randy Hilarski 8 months ago

Keep it up, it is not easy but writing becomes a habit. 

Hafsa M 8 months ago

cool i will read this articles

Shadda 🇵🇰 8 months ago

Yes must read it is master guide







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