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My Journey From CopyCat To Content Creater On Uptrennd?

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Hafsa Mansoor 1 month ago

cool i will read this articles

Itliker Shadda 1 month ago

Yes must read it is master guide

Romana Grubesic 1 month ago

I remember your start :) And I am so glad you fond the way to turn into quality OC provider! :)

Itliker Shadda 1 month ago

Yeah it takes some time but finally i got alot of teacher to teach myself. Your post also had been helping for me. I will continue improvement.

Luke Brenland 1 month ago

you have become Uptrennds superstar Shadda and its a pleasure being a part of that journey! :D

Now your leading the way for the other community members, its great to see!

Randy Hilarski 1 month ago

Keep it up, it is not easy but writing becomes a habit. 

Itliker Shadda 1 month ago

I want to make it my habbit

Robert Reed 1 month ago

This is an inspiration, and I hope that it encourages many new users to write original content. The very first time that we write an article, of course we will be nervous and it won't be perfect. But, if we listen to the comments and keep working on improving, we will get a little bit better each time

Itliker Shadda 1 month ago

Yes everything improves with time and practice







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