​......... Continuation

   ​When those that went to get the car came back,one among them was looking at me somehow as if she wanted to tell me something but don't know how to go about it (I could observe that).

    Few minutes later, the guy that was amongst us on the journey,came to whisper to my ear that 'man under your trouser is badly damaged' and he was like 'and as I de come I see say you open your ynash out side no be small' who means I sat down carelessly even with my damaged trouser.


​      I was like eeeeehh!🙆🙆 I quickly pull myself together,and I was like 'shey as you see am nothing show ba' which means hope I didn't leave my private part outside as well,I was the one asking him............he assured me that nothing of such had happened.

   ​ Then after sometime of talking with the guy,the car that was meant to pack our luggages had arrived,so there was no way I could get my trouser fixed.

​  To be continued.............


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Aakash Baloch
23 Feb

Hahaha its very funny and embarrassing at the same time. Lollls 

Its happened sometimes and we even didn't know about it. 

Yesterday I saw a person with open zipper of pant. 😂🤣


Chidiebere Christian
23 Feb

It's really funny when you finally see that your zip is open when you've stayed long waking about. That's something funny I must say


Kinza Hasmhi
23 Feb

The people who far away from home know the meaning of this

Everyone don't love easily in other place or far away from home 

and those person who live in foreign country and living thier life ask them how they live

you are telling your journey away from home 🏡 but I surely tell you would face so many problem away from home


Ishmael Kelechi
23 Feb

Chain!! That's kinda weird. So you trouser is pictured and you don't know it. Lets see what happens next.


Agaga Julius
23 Feb

I just wish the car did not leave you. Hahahahahah......this is too much as when you will get up, many people will be looking at you. 


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