My Job, My Pride Challenge - 500 1up for Grabs

Uptrenndian its time to share experience on our day to day activities based on our profession. Today happened to be one of a challenging day at work as I moved away from supervising task to use my hand on the assigned task. You wonder what I am talking about.
I am an electrical engineer certified by COREN and I specialized in the building of power solution panels, control panels, electrical installation, and automation. There was a problem with a control panel responsible for water treatment plant operation that use the DL05 DirectLOGIC PLC controller to perform its operation. I won't border you a lot about how the problem was rectified nor the operation but DL05 can be used in any control system to act as an operator interface that network with AC drive or another PLC at the same time.

Working as an Engineer does not stop me from my duty on this great platform, you ask me why? As an individual, you have an in-built potential that possibly may not relate to your profession, you know a profession is what you learn or study but there is something about you that is so special in which somebody out there needs to see, feel, read, and relate with. Uptrennd gives everyone a baseline to showcase your talent and get rewards. A social media that combine our real-life situation with people all over the world and make distribution of wealth a pillar that everyone can leverage upon.

Now here is it!

Are you proud of your profession?
Can you showcase your skill on this platform?
Let's make this a fun moment with a reward!

1. Share a photo of yourself at your skill with an inscription on your photo "I am proud to be .........."
2. Share your link across your social media handle and drop the link as a comment on this post.

If you are a student, carry your bag and take a cool picture to showcase what you are studying, lol… All this is for fun as uptreend is known as the most engaging platform, let’s be creative and get engage with real-life engagement to unlock some reward into our wallet.

Use hashtag #uptrennd #myjobmypride on twitter and tag at least a friend

Reward Pool

500 1UP for 5 random People.

Comment Your Entry On or Before Sunday 6 PM UTC



Cyber King
27 May

Student sha 

It will be a great one, I will be creating my own tomorrow.

Good luck too all the participants


EngrSamest .
29 May

You have less than 48hrs to submit.. Go for it and don't allow this opportunity to pass you!


Kay Lash
27 May

Well done my brother. As the saying goes "there is dignity in labout" another biblical saying states that " a labourer is worthy of his reward" and I want to submit by saying what happens where the take home from the job does not take you half way? as it is with most jobs we call white collar nowadays. I am proudly a farmer. 


EngrSamest .
29 May

I will love to see your picture display as a farmer and drop it as comment here


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