My Introduction Post.

Asslam-o-Alaikum. How are you everyone? I hope everybody is doing fine.Its my introduction post.

My name is Fariha Khan and i'm B. S Mathematics qualified.I really understand the meanings of the addition and division in my life and i'm really inspired by my mom and dad who had always taken care of me.I believe that life is so beautiful and it gives us thousand reasons to smile when we are dissapointed on any bad experience in our life. 

My Hobbies!

My hobby is art and content writing. I love cooking also and i enjoy to make new dishes in my kitchen. I love to read books and novels...

Why I joined Uptrennd.

I'm a crypto lover because of the reputation of Bitcoin and etherium these days.I think crypto is the best way to fulfill my study charges and etc.But i have nothing to invest in BTC and other currencies and i was searching for a platform which is free to join and earning. I don't know how useful this platform will be for me but i'm sure of my skills to write well.

I would love to get guidelines from the awesome people.please guide me about the rules of this place. I need your help. Thanks

Regards:Fariha Khan

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preview not available Emaan Ali
20 Jan

Assalam O Alaikum!

We are glad you joined us.

Feel free to read this link and this will help you for the future:


Fariha Khan
22 Jan

Thank you so much @Emaan sister for a warm welcome.I'm really glad...And the link you given is very useful for me...

Thank you so much.


Kris JS
20 Jan

Welcome to Uptrennd, great intro post. One thing we love here is quality writers and I can already tell you fit into that category nicely. 

If you need any assistance then please feel free to ask myself or any of our wonderful guardians who will be pleased to offer help and guidance. 


Fariha Khan
22 Jan

Thank you so much for this appreciation sir...First i was confused to see a blue star with your name but i came to know that this star is for guardians and you are one of the admins.

I'm really happy to see a welcome from a guardian...I'm in love with this site and its amazing people.

Thank you so much.


preview not available Navi .
21 Jan

Welcome to Uptrennd Family 👪 hopefully you'll learn and earn simultaneously here :) 


Fariha Khan
22 Jan

Thank you so much sir @Navi for welcoming me.My eyes are full of tears of gratitude to see 3 guardians on my very first post.

It looks like this site will be very useful for me.And i'm sure i would not dissapoint you people with my content.

Its a great honour to get followed by some admins on the very first day.

Thank you so much again.


Nouman Yousaf
20 Jan

Welcome Dear!

 This is true plateform to earn.Just make post an comments and get reward in 1up.Consistency is necessary here.


Fariha Khan
22 Jan

Thank you so much for guiding me in a polite way.


Merit Ahama
21 Jan

You are so welcome to this awesome platform, trust me you will love it here. 

I would advice you keep up with making awesome comments on people's posts after reading through. 

Then when you want to make a post, make sure you are dropping a link to the images you use. 

I love you introduction post, well arranged. I can already see a quality writer in you. Keep it up dear. 

Seems you are a female from one of your hobby about cooking 🤔 am I right? It's so nice meeting you. I hope to see you and amazing write ups around. 

See ya😉🚶‍♀️🚶‍♀️


Fariha Khan
22 Jan

I'm much delighted to see amazing people on my post ...I love the way you commented on my post.

I will try my very best to entertain with my quality posts and comments.

Yes i'm a female..

See you❤️







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