My interview with Emaan Ali :Q must Read!

​Hello everyone! this year 2020 is sure gonna be superb! Alot of contests to participate already. 

So today we are going to answer the questions about uptrennd that was asked by @Emaan Ali. Click​ Here to participate​​​

  Q.1: What You Know About Uptrennd?

Uptrennd is a home of quality. A site where qualitative posts and comments are posted. A place where you make use of what you have to get what you want in the sense that you makes use of your creativity to get fame and rewards.

Q.2: The thing which you liked most on Uptrennd?

To be frank with you, I love a lot of things on this platform, I love the writing part of it and the learning part but the thing I love most in this platform is the reward, as in the money I make through this great platform. 

Q.3: The thing which you don't like On Uptrennd?

Uptrennd is the best place to be and I can't really say if there are things I dislike about it except the fact of using spin wheel to dictate a winner in any contest, maybe because I'm not lucky when it comes to using it.

I feel choosing the winners by their qualitative writings will give me a better chance to win a contest.

Q.4: You are finding which thing on Uptrennd?

I'm looking for a lot of things on uptrennd, like am looking towards working a full time on uptrennd as a moderator someday. Not that am not trennding full time. I am currently looking for a job but I can leave any job for Uptrennd. Yes that's my love and passion for this platform.

I love to see qualitative write ups and posts, becoming a moderator/guardian will go along way to help me encourage and appreciate quality, creativity and consistency.

Q.5: The Best Uptrennd User according to you?

I think the best uptrennd user I have known is @El Salvador. Since I joined uptrennd, he has never been away for any reason, he creates quality posts and I love the fact that he's very consistent on uptrennd.

Q.6: The changes which you want on Uptrennd? 

There is no much changes but I will love the ladder board to start working again. It will help to improve consistency in this platform. I will also love the DONATE POINT BUTTON to be activated again it will go along way to improve the platform

Q.7: The best gift/memory you got from Uptrennd? 

I have received alot of awards from UPTRENND and the best so far was the ones I received from uptrennd Africa's group on telegram. Being the most active female user there I was gifted beautifully.

I can't forget that day in a hurry!

Q.8: The best person to whom you met on Uptrennd? 

I have met alot of personalities on uptrennd and for this particular question, it's hard to pick one person alone. I will pick three persons.

a. @Tiger Lily she is a woman filled with heart of Gold, so generous and  creative.

b. @Kamran is another person I have met here, even though I don't know a lot about him but the few I know is great, his generosity is superb. He has a way of putting smile on people's face by appreciating their posts.

c. @Navi is a very workaholic personnel, even though he is a student, he is good in what ever he does. He has alot of platforms he is working with and he is a sour e of motivation to me.

Alot of people with beautiful personnels that I have met on uptrennd are so great. People like @Esma @Teddy, @Yasiri

@Hafsa and so many of them.

Q.9: Which lesson you got through your mistakes on Uptrennd?

I came to uptrennd through my sister and she thought me majority of the things I need to know if not all. So I would say I made little or no mistakes in the past.

Q.10: What you learned through this worldwide Platform? 

I have learnt alot of things in this platform, like I have learnt how to write articles of my own, I have also learnt how to design images, change background on images all because I joined uptrennd.

Q.11: How Uptrennd Brought Positivity in your Life?

I have written alot of posts, some of them where I encourage people and others where I advise people, I have also been motivated by alot of posts here on uptrennd.

Uptrennd made me to realise that I can actually make money at the comfort of my home. My life has revolved, since I joined uptrennd, I have been impacted with alot of knowledge and I love the fact that I am a Trenndian. 



Oluwafemi Olofin
05 Jan

Uptrennd is a dynamic platform that brings us together.  We share so many things and learn from each other. I am very sure that you have we all have learn one or two things from this and I want to say you have done very well.

Kudos to the organizer of this.


Enobong Peter
07 Jan

I really appreciate what you just said now about our uptrennd platform, we all appreciate you so much for your effort. But I need trenndians to continue to help each others in any angles 


Wisdom Chinonso
05 Jan

Wow this is great to hear  we are moving from grass to Grace 


Scholastica Kosy
05 Jan

Thank you but try to improve your comments to avoid getting a downvote in the future. Make more quality COmments


Adeiyi Iyiola
05 Jan

You have literally and ironically analyze all these questions and I say kudos to your comprehension. My says on all these is nothing but a depiction. Uptrennd is nothing but mainstream of knowledge in all aspect of Life and it is pure pinnacle of other platform 


Scholastica Kosy
05 Jan

Wow. Your Grammer too much oo. Anyway thanks alot for the contribution. And yes! Uptrennd is the pinnacle of all other platforms


Fidel Mboro
05 Jan

You answered the questions rightly 

Congratulations in advance

I'm glad you motivate others and also motivate yourself through your lots of post as you puts it


Scholastica Kosy
05 Jan

Oh yes! Thanks alot. Uptrennd is really a source of motivation for alot of people







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