My Home in Uptrennd City.

HiĀ  Ā Trenndians!

Hope you all are fine and shining like a star šŸŒŸ on Uptrennd.

I am a citizen of Uptrennd City and as you know that Uptrennd City is going to become more valuable in upcoming days so i have decided to buy a new home for myself.

My previous house was good too but who doesn't want new things? Hehe

In addition, Uptrennd City has decided to create a card, so that citizens can be easily identified by their cards and they can also enter the names and addresses of citizens in their list.

Here is my card,

I feel proud to get a card of Uptrennd City because it was my dream to make a beautiful big home in Uptrennd City.

Want to see my new home in Uptrennd City??

Here it is,

I like to live in a place surrounded by plants and trees, rich in oxygen and fresh air. You can see my house. I can now breathe freely in these plants and trees.

I would also like to show you my living room. Because this is my favorite place in my house. I spend most of my time in this room. When I open the windows, the sunlight and cool air come in, which makes me feel very calm and happy.

Here is my living room.

I designed it by myself because i want to make it perfect for me.

This is my home in Uptrennd City and i want you to visit it and buy your own home in this city. I assure you that you will live a better life and never be disappointed.


Header Image: Ma'am Tiger lily's post

Card: Edited in Canva

All other images are taken from Design home app.

šŸ‘†This badge is property of UU, don't useit without permission.

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Muhammad Sajid
07 Feb

Hi Anum. You have designed a beautiful home in Uptrennd city. I liked your living room very much. Hope you will be enjoying your life in this home surrounded by nature. 


Anum Rizwan šŸ‡µšŸ‡°
07 Feb

Ofcourse, it is my dream house, i always wished for it and now my dream come true...

I am so happy for it.

Thanks for your lovely words...


Tiger Lily
07 Feb

hehehehe its lovely!!! and Uptrennd City is even better now that you've taken up residence here and made it sparkle with your presence!!! LOL

be on the lookout for surprises this week :)


Anum Rizwan šŸ‡µšŸ‡°
07 Feb

I just tried to make it look good. It is really good app. I will design my new home by using it. My new home is under construction...

Hehe. You always give us more than we expect...


Tiger Lily
07 Feb

hehehe isn't it just so fun to create!! :) 

i hope this little game becomes REALLY really fun! :)


07 Feb

Waoo!! hav designed a Very WonderFull home in UptreNd City...Glad To see This..

Stay HapPYY..


Benazir Ibrahim
07 Feb

A whole street with your name on it. Wow. What a way to go. Your home is indeed a breath of fresh air. Whenever I have the time off my towers, your place is the first one I would visit. Nice job done.


Anum Rizwan šŸ‡µšŸ‡°
07 Feb

Hehe you are always welcome into my home.

I will serve a cup of coffee in my new living room. You will feel relaxed when you sit in this room.


Julian Kwan
07 Feb

You must be so lucky to have got such a lovely home in Uptrend city. A nice home full of cool air of ventilation... Also about the card of membership, I had like to get mine as life can get so comfortable in uptrennd city in days to come.


Anum Rizwan šŸ‡µšŸ‡°
07 Feb

Heheheh. Keep an eye on ma'am Tiger lily's post. You can also enter in the game. We are having fun.







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