My hobby


Everyone have an hobby in their lives but my hobby is cycling..

Assalamu alaikum dear how are you how are you.hope you are enjoying on UPTRENd..

Cycling is also one kind of makes us healthy and fit..i feel really joy and enjoy when i am doing cycling it also contains the consume of some wealth and energy but it is healthy activity..

Everyone have its own choice and they have many other hobbies like playing football, reading books and some ones have an art fun these are all enjoying but i like the most and which i am enjoying the most is cycling....

I am parmenent in one hobby that is cycling......😊😊😊.

My favorite hobby.

I ride it many many more times at bigning i got many many injuries and difficulties but at least i got my hobby and it is enjoying...

We always be careful of cycle riders way because we also follow the rules and regulations of traffic and road also this cycle riders must care the persons who are walking besides the road and while doing crossing the roads they also must take care of them. Because if we not follow the rules and regulations of cycling then we we got many injuries.

Although I want to say every person that you must try one time for doing cycling in his life was it is very joyful and enjoyable activity so everyone must try one time in their life.

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maya Choudhary
24 Nov

This is such a great and healthy hobby , cycling is sooo much fun and also keep us healthy and make our muscles soo strong .


Abubakar Jutt
24 Nov

Cycling is a great hobby.It is also very beneficial for human health.Every person has his own hobby. I am very fond of reading books.


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