My First Try

Hello Everyone... Good morning.

I have seen memes many times since I joined this platform. I am happy that I also found some images from free sources and edited to amuse you people. You have to tell me about the feelings about seeing these memes. If any guardian mistakenly comes to my posts please leave a comment with courtesy Lol. 

In the very first meme you have seen, this thing is called jealousy. Lol 😂😂😆. When I have posted nine hours ago and I see a post of 15min ago having 49 Upvotes and mine having just 5 . It is heart-rending. Hahahah. 😆😂. I don't feel like jealousy but I feel sad that when I will be appreciated so far. Lol 😂😂

The most wonderful and lovely feeling of our Uptrennd life is Levelling up and you have seen the first meme in the preview image. It is great meme indeed. It is quite peaceful task when we level up.hahaha😂😂.


The next thing of happiness is when any guardian comes to your post and Upvotes...

It is a feeling undescribable. I have a great courtesy for @Kamran Akbar  because he often reads my posts and encourages me.

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Top Np
25 Nov

Ha ha 😁😁 so funny meme.but You are right,low level members don't supported and suggest  high level uptrennd members. We need to support and suggest.


Earl Pino
25 Nov

Your images are cute but not very amusing

I hope a guardian comes through for you though


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