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05 Nov
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My first time post for uptrennd flyer contest

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St3v3 T88888 8 months ago

Good first attempt, i know you have not done photo editing before so well done 

Lover Only 8 months ago

yes is it my first time to edit photos.even i did not edited my own photos before this

Hafsa M 8 months ago

Wow great I love this one 

Lover Only 8 months ago

bundles of thanks for your appreciation

Jansen Admin 8 months ago

Nicely done Qadeer, especially for a first attempt. You can see that you thought about the concept. Thought of a slogan, and gave some visibility to Uptrennd's team.
Looking forward to your next creation!

Lover Only 8 months ago

bundles of thanks for appreciation but sad that you don't like😢 it

Jansen Admin 8 months ago

Where did I write that I did not like it? For me alll 4 sentences are positive and appreciative. 

Lover Only 8 months ago

harmly sorry it was answer of someone else..wrongly replied you..really sorry please

Jansen Admin  8 months ago

haha, no problem! Happens. No worry, I was not offended. Was just curious to understand which part of my text was giving you this impression. So I also learn from it. 

Lover Only 8 months ago

 i am feeling sham for that. its your goodness if you learn from every where you can't get losses in life

Mumtaz haider Mumtaz haidet 8 months ago

Waoo too much nice budy.. I hope you will take first position

Dotun Awosika Deetee 8 months ago

Nice try, I am impressed with the work put into this flyer. Good luck at the contest.

Lover Only 8 months ago

its my goodness that you are impressed for my efforts.thanks for application







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