My first love...

Hi friends, I hope you all are enjoying it here. Friends here is my entry for #myfirstlove

Thanks to Hafsa for providing this opportunity to win a bonus. so let's start the story.

These are the days when I was in fourth grade. There was a girl in my class who was beautiful and intelligent. It was summer and she was sitting in the shade of a tree.

 I wanted her. That day I thought I would talk to her today. My Urdu writing at that time was similar to her. I went and sat next to her and started talking to her. I was nervous at the time. But I talked to her and in the process, I started working with her. She just sat there. In the same way, we also changed our books, pencils, etc. Because I could smell it all. Well, I was very happy that day. The next day I thought I should give her flowers. Yes, one thing to remember is that I used to watch a lot of Bollywood movies in those days. So I thought I'd give her a rose. All night I made a heart on a page and put flowers on it but the next day the girl did not come to school. In the same school, his brother who was studying in 10th class and also his relatives were studying in this school. So I gave the letter to her younger sister to give to her sister but she gave it to her brothers. The next day when I went to school, his brothers grabbed me and handed me over to the principal and they were my relatives. The whole school saw what happened to me. Then when the girl came 3 days later, she took back her things and gave mine back to me, but she did not give me the money I gave her. She told me that you were in a very romantic mood, now you are enjoying your love. After that, I came to the city and I am getting a better education. It's been 10 years since then and I haven't even seen its shape. Dude, I live in the city and she lives in the countryside. But now I would like to meet him. He only read up to 10 and I'm 12 now. When I went to the village, I found out that she was teaching in a small school.

Thanks for reading.



Mubasher Mahdi
27 Jun

What an amazing story. It is very beautiful story as you described. In villages people do so. 


NatiQ Abbas
27 Jun

Hahah oh my god how can a boy of 4th grade love a girl.  Its amazing to love someone in very low age. May u get ur love


Rock Usama
27 Jun

So cute and romantic story. Our first love always so beautiful. First love is blessing of God.







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