Mohammad Imran Mohammad Imran
23 Oct
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My First Experience of The Trivia Night.

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Godwin Imafidor 5 months ago

You didn't tell your friend you were doing business.

What an information you have given me. I need to properly position myself against participating next week. I have been delaying joining telegram, finally I have seen what will push me to join. No more time wasting.

Mohammad Imran 5 months ago

Actually, i was there with my friend to discuss an important issue, that's why i didn't tell him about it, anyhow i am ready to participate in the next trivia with more preparation and dedication. I hope you will be with us next week on trivia night. Thanks

Godwin Imafidor 5 months ago

Hopefully I will, though I don't know how to prepare for it. Thanks

Mohammad Imran 5 months ago

You need to know about uptrennd, for it read uptrennd team members posts, have knowledge about its social media accounts. Read about 1UP and make yourself familiar with uptrennd team members. You should have general knowledge too.

Yasir Mehmood 5 months ago

Hey M.Imran such a great experience you had on trivia last night.mine was also first experience thanks for congratulating me keep it up be ready for next trivia

Mohammad Imran 5 months ago

Welcome! Yes, i am ready to attend the next trivia with you. Be prepared yourself for the upcoming trivia night.


Saqib Ajmal 5 months ago

me also happy about trivia ..and me alao waiting next trivia

Mohammad Imran 5 months ago

Participating in the trivia is the best chance for everyone to win a lot of 1Up. I wish you the best of luck.

Thank you.

Omer Farooq Farooq 5 months ago

I just enter on two to three questions and later left because I was tired. I played last week's and won some 1UP too.

Mohammad Imran 5 months ago

It's great that you participated last week. I hope next you will stay longer to earn more 1UP and other crypto currencies. Thanks

GRACE FIBI 5 months ago

congrats to all people who won.







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