My First Earning on Uptrennd...

We are here for the different reason, I wouldn't try to be a saint because my motive on the platform was to just make as much money as I can and get out in case the project didn't last. 

My orientation changed after meeting several people on the platform, I started aiming higher than just learning. 

I saw the opportunity to develop myself which I didn't overlook and I can say I am a better person today than I was before I joined Uptrennd.

I joined the platform by choice but I was stubborn by not engaging like I should because I had a very busy life due to my job but fate took control I had nothing but to embrace Uptrennd.

What happened?

I lost my job at a very important stage of my life, I felt down and needed to scream for the world to feel my pain. The only place I had the voice to do so was on Uptrennd.

Uptrennd gave me more than my earning, it gave me a voice and lovely people who were ready to help me ignite my dreem.

My first earning on Uptrennd.

My first Uptrennd earning took place in May and I received my earning two days after I request through withdrawal.

​Proof of Earnings.

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Screenshot of my withdrawal with amount of 1UP, date and time.

Since then I have earned more and withdrew from the platform into my private wallet.

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Screenshot of my private wallet.

 I haven't really used my earnings much except for some minor expenses because I want to support the 1UP token by holding. 

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I wish everyone can do the same as well.

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Uptrennd is reliable and genuine, the guardians are always there to guide you and put you on the right track plus we treat one another as a family. Uptrennd has one of the best admin who are always on the ground to resolve every complaint and that is something you hardly get out there from other platforms.

Let me tell you a secret today, I got a job through Uptrennd after I lost my job as an effect of Covid. There are so many opportunities on the platform and I am proud to be early members even though I joined a year and four months after the platform was created.

You want to earn, learn, and take your blogging skills to the next level?


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To be part of the contest, feel free to click on the link below.

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Kardar Akhtar123
07 Jan

I'm glad that I joined this platform at a perfect time when I thought to come into blogging and God gave me this platform from nowhere...I haven't earn till now but I hope will earn some money very soon 


Adetola Muheez
07 Jan happy to hear your experience on the platform.. uptrennd is really changing's not just earn,you learn alot too.

I'm glad you did n still doing,good to know you have a jobs back n holding your earnings to help the 1p price,I'm doing same too.

Uptrennd to d moon,wish u luck in d contest


Farah Ikram
07 Jan

I am glad to hear the way uptrennd has helped you in the most difficult time when you lossed your job and not only you but it has helped also so many other people too.Uptrennd to the moon and back.


George Dee
07 Jan

We are all beneficiary of this great platform, It feels good to be part of this great family.

Happy jumaat sister.


Romeo Hart
08 Jan

Uptrennd grew in most of us, it's more than just a social media. It has brought us closer and made us have more crypto currency in out wallet. 


Umair Awan
07 Jan

I am new on uptrend. It has been almost a month since I joined it. I have not earned anything from this platform yet but I learned a lot from uptrend. I feel great improvement in my writing skill and my knowledge is also increasing day by day by reading posts on different topics. 


George Dee
07 Jan

Honestly, stepping up your ability first should be a priority because in the end, your quality will bring you attention you desire.

You will earn, it is just a matter of time.

Feel free to use my pictures if you want to participate in the contest.


preview not available javier arturo pulido andueza
07 Jan

It is beautiful to know that Uptrennd has not only given you financial gains, but has also helped you overcome your depression by losing your job, I congratulate you, you are excellent, I wish you good luck in the contest.


George Dee
07 Jan

I was a very lonely and boring person during that period but I was able to shake it off with my engagement on the platform.

I feel different today with Uptrennd because aside earning, I have a community to listen to me .







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