My First Earning Of Uptrennd

Honestly I haven't really focused on withdrawing too much, because I have been investing in my Uptrennd account. Yes, I was always looking at my 1Up as a long term investment.

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However I did find myself short on funds every so often, so kept some in my wallet for emergencies. This was lucky, because I needed it a few times! 

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My first withdrawal was used to pay for a server bill, when some funds I was expecting didn't arrive on time. I was really grateful to have those emergency funds!

However with the recent development of @tigerlily #1upto600 initiative, I am really focused on building up my emergency fund from somewhere else, and hodling as much 1Up as I can. Click here to visit her profile for more information about her initiative, and how you can help us to make 1Up worth $600 USD per coin!

While initially this has given me a little less time to post on my home, which is Uptrennd, in the long run it will help Uptrennd. I would like to thank @Navi for giving me the idea and the links to quality platforms which are helping me with both causes!

If you are curious about what an Uptrennd withdrawal looks like, here is a screenshot of mine:

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If you are new to Uptrennd, I urge you not to withdraw right away. First build up your account. Level up. If you don't, you will never see your account grow to its full potential. Not only does a higher level help you to earn a lot more, it says that you really do value your account, and are invested in Uptrennd.

If engaging in comments is not bringing people to your profile, ask some of the more established members to check a post or two, and see if you are actually providing quality. It might be that people are reading, but not liking it. 

If you get positive feedback from those who you ask, you might want to try boosting your next post. This will guarantee that people at least see the title, cover image, and preview text.

If you would like to enter this contest for a chance to win some 1Up, click here!

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RinNy Mboro

I am a firm believer that 1up is a long term investment too

You used your first earning to pay go a server AMD that shows how great uptrennd earning is

I got my first earning too and I was happy AMD all boosted up


Oldschool Wrestlingdesires

That's great, how did you use it? Or are you saving it :) ?


RinNy Mboro

I am saving it because I know the future is brighter 


Mariovic Idungafa

No doubt that 1up is a long term investment

Good entry 

Wel motivated

I wish you all the best


Oldschool Wrestlingdesires

Thanks so much for your support :) Are you hodling 1up???


Omoniyi Popoola

Great advise for newbies you have there. I got to level 16 before I made my first withdrawals and looking back, it was worth it


Oldschool Wrestlingdesires

Considering the price of 1Up is a bargain at the moment, it's definitely a bargain :) Do you plan to keep leveling up?


Dr. Numan Tariq

Really happy to know about your consistency and effort on this platform... The idea of building account 1st by level ups is really great... And also great tips to be on trending... Always love your post.. And motivation for newbies... BTW best of luck for contest... 


Oldschool Wrestlingdesires

Thanks, your praise honors me :) One day we will both have well established blogs, and fat wallets from Tiger Lily's plan :)


Adeiyi Iyiola

Actually you have advices newbies to invest more than withdrawing. However I also investearky last year but the last quarter if the year was so tough for me financially, so I had no option than to earn from my 1up wallet. Lastly I wish you best in your entry


Oldschool Wrestlingdesires

Everyone needs help sometimes. Nothing wrong with using available funds to meet a real need







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