Am one of those that got to know about uptrennd during the period of the  covid - 19 lock down last year. Few months from now, i will be a year old in Uptrennd. And i can boldly say that it has been a amazing ride in this awesome platform.

Are you a good blogger and writer? Looking or searching for where to put your talent into work and get rewarded massively?, then search no more. is the platform, get registered and get started. 

Are you already into Uptrennd as a low level user, don't be discouraged, keep working hard and believe then you will be glad you did.

In case you're thinking that i am talking so much, or if i have really made any withdrawals from this platform, the answer is yes. These are the evidence

My first withdrawal was when i withdrew 20001UP which happened to be during the last bull run in August last year

I had previously made a sold  1050 1UP, the money was still in my savings plus the 20001UP that i latter sold at #14 during bull run.

The total money i realized was #37,000. This money helped me so much because i used it to renewed my rent back then.

Presently, am holding upto 15,0001UP in my wallet which am not planning to sell till further notice.

By April i will be a year older in Uptrennd and my target for now is to level up to 20 and become a citizen before then. So all the points am gathering for now is my leveling up.

So my friends, this platform is legit, it has been proven tested and trusted, you have nothing to worry about, except just doing the right thing.

I appreciate Sir @ Navi a lot for this gesture to tell the world about uptrennd. Together will take UPTRENND far beyond the moon.



Hania Noor
12 Jan

Really that transections are just an output of your work.... Har work never goes unrewarded...keep it up dear much impressed from your hard work as well....


Hafeez Rehman
12 Jan

I will pray that you will succeed in your life in your all missions.  you did well here to earn a lot from this platform this is for guidance and beliefs that you make enough money and all this happened only due to your efforts in the right place.


Humaira Khattak
12 Jan

Your earnings is a Motivational 

One to take lessons how you work 

Hard for Earning some money 

From the uptrend platform. 


fiaz karim
12 Jan

This is your great effort and comitment with uptrend that you have achieved.For achieving target harwork comitment is necessary.Inshalla in future you will earn more.This is great plateform for every one come and join and show your comitment hardwork you will be successful.


Shahid Iqbal
12 Jan

It's the reward of your hard work and creative skills which you have shown at this platform. Uptrennd is a great platform which provides us the opportunity to expose our creative skills. 


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