My first earning from uptrennd~contest by Navi

Asalam o alaikum dear uptrenndians i hope you are doing good❤ 

This is my entry for most trending and amazing contest organized by our senior guardian Navi ....

Click on this link to know about this contest

🌹He has given us topic to write about our earning from uptrennd🌹 

Firstly let me tell you about uptrennd 

Uptrennd is platform which pays for your quality writings it is safe and friendly platform which has freedom of speech you can write about anything any topic but condition is it should be originally written by you atleast 80% OC .... it pays for your engagement you can earn by writing posts and doing comments on other's post ..

I joined uptrennd in the time of lockdown when i was newbie i was unaware about rules of uptrennd but alot of seniors and guardians guided me helped me out and now i am proud uptrenndian i can say uptrennd bring alot of positive changes in me ...

🥀It made me able to earn through my writing 

🥀My writing skills are polished now i am in the list of quality contest writers that is proud feeling for me

🥀Uptrennd give me many friends and it made me able to transfer my thoughts into words which are appreciated by everyone including guardians....

🥁My earning📣

I got my 1st withdraw of 1480 points after that i took withdraw for 5 times and sent my points to Kamran which helped me to exchange my points into Pakistani rupees my first earning was about 7000 i know this is little amount but for me it was very special because i got it for my hardwork and this was my very first earning in my life ....

Now I'm collecting and saving my points for next withdraw i have almost 10k 1up in my trust wallet like everyone i am also waiting for price increase of 1up ...

Reason for sharing this post is that many people have doubts on uptrennd they often ask does uptrennd really pays is it a real earning website or scam ... 

So my advice for all of you is that come and join our uptrennd family you will earn in addition you will get knowledge about alot of new things like i have learned about crypto from this platform..

Don't miss this golden chance take advantage and work hard here to get your rewards i believe in uptrennd and i believe in 1up...

Here are some important links of groups related to uptennd you must join them all

Uptrennd Announcements

Uptrennd Community First

Uptrennd Support

Uptrennd Casual Chat

Uptrennd Pakistan

Uptrennd Español

Uptrennd Africa

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​images screenshot belongs to me



Samson Nosa CEO
12 Jan

Fatima you called 7000 small, I don't even have that yet. Appreciate the little you have while you aspire to have more. 

Uptrend has proven to be very productive in helping the lives of those who work hard. 

Am in love with your saving till the price increases attitude. Am hoping 1UP will become a force to reckon with very soon. 

Weldone ma


Madiha Jamil
12 Jan

You have made 5 times withdraw its showing your hardwork. 

I m a beginner so I have not made any withdraw yet. But i m also trying my best and InshaAllah one day i will also share my post of withdraw. 

And best of luck dear for your contest.


Tayyab Hasnain
12 Jan

Wow, Fatima, it looks you are waiting for high price of UP like me,

Soon, UP rate would be high and we would get benefit from it.

Best of luck for contest


C Belief
12 Jan

Uptrennd has been the home for quality content creators 

Although you have achieved a lot during your stay in this platform

I still believe you can still do better than this 

Keep working hard definitely you will earn more 


Adetola Muheez
12 Jan

Great entry dear.

You av a great honey so far on uptrennd.

Wishing you luck in the contest.keep up d good work







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