My First Childhood Sport

My childhood was fun although it was short lived as my parents got separated. I have two siblings so we always played together as our dad doesn't allow us to go outside to play with other kids until one day when he had to travel without us so he left us with his neighbor. 

We met our neighbor's kids and one of them introduced a game to us so we could have fun together. My siblings and I didn't know about the game so he taught us how to play it. 

The game was hide and seek. 

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Hide and seek is a game where all players except one goes hiding for the other to search for them and the first person found will be the next to find the hidden players. 

Even though it was our first time to play the game, my siblings and I knew how to hide very well so we were never found until the game is called over. We had so much fun until my dad returned and asked us to go inside the house. The next day, my dad traveled and we started the game again but that was the day I hated hide and seek game, why? 

We all went hiding but the person chosen to find us gave up in finding us but didn't let us know. We waited for some minutes then came out of our hiding place but I couldn't find my younger sister, she had refused to come out and I didn't know where she hid herself. 

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My dad came back earlier than before so he found out about my missing sister, he was so angry at me but decided to find her first before he could do anything to me. We searched for her for up to 30 minutes but couldn't find her then she came out and told us she fell asleep in her hiding place. 

We were so relieved and my dad warned us never to play the game again. That was how I stopped playing that game till date. 

Then I fell in love with tennis ball game but I wasn't good at it so I only watch those playing it and I had fun just from watching.

I am not the sport type as my dad didn't let us but I am good at indoor games very well even though I learnt that when I got older so I won't be talking about it here.

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Hina G
15 Jan

I also played hide and seek game i really like this game wao memories never end but time goes The Universe is the game of the self, which plays hide and seek forever and ever. .


Merit Ahama
16 Jan

Truly the world is a game in itself but we have to play the game well. 


Top Np
15 Jan

All of your childhood games are similar to mine. These games are played in a fun and easy way. Your childhood game is enjoying and interesting. All the best for content.


Merit Ahama
16 Jan

I had so much fun and I am glad you had fun in your childhood too. Thanks for your wishes. 


RinNy Mboro
15 Jan

I remember how we used to play this game all day even sometimes we enter into the bush just to hide

Hide and seek is one sport that brings the real fun


Merit Ahama
16 Jan

😂 You enter inside bush? I hope no body got lost inside there. Hide and seek is fun. 


Zara Malik
15 Jan

You shared the games of a wonderful era.Really that was much Amazing and wonderful time regarding the life style,happiness and entertainment.

What a golden days🙂


Merit Ahama
16 Jan

Childhood fun are so much that sometimes we wish we could go back to those days. 


Ishmael Kelechi
15 Jan

Wow. Hide and seek, boju-boju as we popularly called it, was a known game for kids. 

We played this game at any slight opportunity. 

A would go into hiding while one will make the search. Anyone found first from his/ hiding place will be the one to search next.

Interesting during the good old days.


Merit Ahama
16 Jan

😂 You even have another name for it, it is so much fun sha. You know the game very well, nice one. 







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