My First Childhood Sport

preview not availableSports is one of our everyday life, and I doubt if there is anyone who has never in one way or the other, participated in any form of sporting activity in this world. Young or old, most people still participate in sports till date, and this is because it helped in maintaining and improving physical ability and skills of its participants. There are many sports one can participate in depending on their love for it. These sports are athletics, badminton, basketball, netball, swimming, football, tennis, and the list continues.

This is my entry to the contest organized by our bellowed guardian @Adelan O, with the topic, “My first childhood sport.” Click HERE to participate.

I have always had a passion for sports since my childhood because I was taught that sports, have a huge impact in the holistic development of a child be it indoor or outdoor sporting activities, and that they have a significant outcome on the mind of a child.

My first childhood sports

My first childhood is football. My dad loves football so much that whenever there is any football match, he calls me to sit with him, so we can watch the match together, and so, I grew up loving every bit of the game, wishing that someday I could play like the footballers I see on television.

I was not allowed to leave the compound since I was still a child and so, my neighbour and I will always make a football out of fabrics and sometimes from empty tins/cans. We eventually saved some money from our daily snacks money and got a real soccer ball. Our joy knew no bound that day because we were finally able to have our football, and we were also allowed to play it as much as we want, provided we don't leave the compound.

One fateful day, we decided to play penalty kicks where one plays and the other catches the ball. I was the first to be the goal keeper, and I never knew there were broken bottles around the place we chose to be the goal post because it was covered with some grasses. As he played the ball, I flew to catch the ball, and that's how the broken bottle pierced into my left hand causing a deep injury on it. I was rushed to the hospital where they had to see my palm with needle and thread after stopping the bleeding. The mark is still visible till date.

My parents out of annoyance, destroyed our soccer ball after we came from the hospital, and they banned me from ever playing football, but that still didn't stop me from living my passion.

Since we were not allowed to play football anymore, we decided to start playing table soccer game with bottle caps. I don't know how many of us know about this... We use cardboard to make the goal post and then the small bottle caps as the players and the big bottle caps as the goal keepers. For the soccer ball, we used our old shirt buttons. This is a very enjoyable game and I would love if we do our research on it to know more about it.

That continued until I got to college. I was lucky enough to be selected as one of the school's football team players. That day was one of the happiest day of my life because it was like a dream come true. I played the defensive position, right back to be precise because of how fast I can run. I can easily recover and challenge any attacker for the ball. My contribution to the school team, helped us to win so many trophies. However, there was a game we played, and we were beaten by 11goals to nothing. That was the worst defeat of my football career and I will forever remember that day. Till today, I still don't know what happened in that game.

I still do love football so much, and I think I am addicted to it because anytime I don't play, watch or play a soccer video game(PES or FIFA), I feel so incomplete. I don't think I can trade my passion for football for any other sports in the world. Football was my first childhood sports and it is still my favorite sports even till date. I hope to make a career out of it someday by God's grace.


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Kinza Hasmhi
15 Jan

Sport and game are important by living a healthy and peaceful life 

but every person love different game and play different game.

but I see mostly people love football but mostly girls love cricket and some indoor game

i also love cricket to much 😉


Bright David
15 Jan

Indeed, football I believe is the most loved sports all over the globe.. People love different sports.. It's all about choice but majority of people love football.... 

I actually know just a little about cricket but can't play it


Huda Mehru
16 Jan

Very nice entery to the contest dear i am also going to participate in it best of luck for the contest 


RinNy Mboro
15 Jan

Football has been a great sport for us since childhood

We really enjoyed how we use to go play it then

The great memories 


Bright David
15 Jan

Indeed they are great memories... Good to know football was also part of your childhood memory.. 

Do you still play it now?? 


Suman Naz
15 Jan

Great entry!

Football is a very popular game. Football is a very interesting game. Your childhood memories are beautiful..

Best of luck for this content!


Bright David
15 Jan

Thanks so much for wishing me well and I am happy to know that you see my childhood memories as beautiful memories... 

Indeed football is a very popular and interesting game... Hope you can play it? 


Suman Naz
15 Jan

Yes i play football. Football is my favorite game. In school i play with my friend.


Hameed khan
15 Jan

 Good game. Football is world famous game which is mostly globally liked.

I like football but cannot play football but i play cricket which is most liked


Bright David
15 Jan

You are right.. Football is a game that unites people all over globe. Am actually surprise to know that there is someone who doesn't know how to play football... It's really not difficult... 

Infact I prefer it to cricket and guess that's the reason I can't play cricket.. 







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