My first childhood sport

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I am thankful to Sir @Adelan O who organized a contest for us with such an interesting topic that can be attractive for everyone because of its nature.

Actually there are two kinds of games that are played in the world, one is internationally, such as Cricket, Hockey, Football etc. which everyone knows about, and another kind of game is local/traditional which are locally played and these games vary country to country. 

I am living in Pakistan and in childhood age, I used to play a lot of local games with enthusiasm, I will give you only it's names for example: Kanchey, Gulli Danda wooden spinning tops (lattoo), Kite flying, Frisbee (flying disc). Kite flying and Frisbee both were my childhood’s favorite local games that I still enjoy, especially Kite flying.

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But if I talk about another kind of sport that is played internationally, in my childhood that I played all my life was cricket. The advent of cricket in my life is a little bit interesting story. Actually, in childhood age, I fond of playing football instead of cricket but all my friends were interested in playing cricket and they insisted me and told me: “you try to play cricket once, then you will never leave this game”. So, when I started to play cricket with my friends uninterestingly, I left football and cricket  permanently came in my life.

We had a team in our own area which was famous in the surrounding areas because of our good performance and due to this good performance, our team won many winners and runners cup.

I was all rounder in my team but actually I was a good bowler and our team won a match purely because of my good bowling performance. The beauty of my bowling was that during bowling, I never used to take my eyes off the ball and batsman, until the batsman shot the ball. And I think only a cricket player can understand this technique. 

The culmination of our passion for playing cricket was that we used to play cricket every year in the month of Ramadan, after Taraweeh til Sehri. (in the night)

But time has a great power that changes many things in our life.






Hameed khan
14 Jan

I think you have enjoyed a lot in the childhood. Beside this you love your friend very much.

I have played cricket for many years with my village team. We used to play local cricket tournament matches. When i flashback and remember those and my eyes shed tears


Areej Raheel
16 Jan

Cricket is favorite of every one in pakistan . and favorite of mine too. But we can not play it frem traveeh to sehri. 







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