My First Childhood Sport

When we are a child there is definitely a game of our choice in our life for which we are very crazy. When we watch big players play on television. 

So that time a passion is created in our heart and Sometimes that game becomes our dream. And we strive to make that dream come true. Just like everyone has a favourite sport in their life, there was a favourite sport in my life that is still my favourite.

Please To be patient  I want to share my first incident when I known about cricket and also converted into my zeal. When I was a child I went to read at my teacher's house. At the time, I may be in the second or third class. I didn't know about cricket at the time. 

We were sitting in the courtyard, prepared our lessons.

There was a TV in our teacher's house. Some people were watching the match. As soon as Shahid Afridi came on the ground to play. There was a noise inside the room and all the children ran to the room which sitting with me in the lawn outside.

 I was very wondering and I was left alone in the courtyard and then I went to the room. This was the first time I saw Shahid Afridi. This match was being played against Pakistan and India. when shahid Afridi came to play there were 50 runs and 58 balls remaining. 

Moin Khan was playing with Shahid Afridi on the other side. Ashish Nehra came to Ball. Moin khan hit the ball and Yuvraj Singh caught the ball. After the dismissal of Moin Khan, the match became very interesting.

 Some people started saying that Pakistan has lost the match but some people were hoping for Shahid Afridi that maybe Afridi will turn the tide of the match in an instant. Now Yousuf Yohana has come to play a match with Shahid Afridi. 39 score were remaining Shahid Afridi hit a six.

There was noise on the ground and in the room. Everyone started clapping. On the next ball too, Shahid Afridi hit a six to Irfan Pathan.14 runs and 29 balls were left to win this match Shahid Afridi was out for 25 runs. 

From that day on, cricket became my favourite sport. That's why my first childhood game was cricket since I was kids so we used the woods for playing cricket. I started playing cricket in the street neighbourhood school and went to college.

 I was crazy about cricket but my father said games were not for girls. Abu used to tell me to concentrate on my studies. 

When I did I started playing and I got fallen in this game from my girlhood. And not only did I begin playing in the street but I used to play at school and college. When we were little kids we didn't appoint any overs in the match. 

We used to say that when there will be anyone out, then there will be another for come to play. And I remember  I was in the 5th class I scored 511 runs in one match. 

This match continued for two days. When I was batting, I was thinking that today I have to break Brian Lara's record 😂😂. Those were the high score in my cricketing life.

I reached at school an hour first and play cricket in the school ground.

Cricket is still my enthusiasm I don't like to watch but I love to play and I got sick numerous times because of this game on a hot day we continued our match. Cricket is in my drop of blood. But it is very difficult to get alleviate of this childhood game.

There was an occurrence in the spirit of cricket once when everyone refused me to play in the future but it didn't go on.

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When I was in 8th class, I entered at school an hour early I used to go and play cricket with my elders and I used to play cricket in the morning without breakfast and also when we were off school.

 I didn't feel any heat or coolness. It was hot in those days and I played frankly in the morning.

My captain thought I was a good wicket-keeper therefore I was often the wicket-keeper in our matches. 

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 And sometimes I was a bowler. when I used to ball if someone made single or double runs I would grab the ball instead of running out I hit a ball on her back😂😂.

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Then they were afraid to make a single or double run.

My mother and father would force me out of the match for eating the food. Then when I was busier with my studies, I played very little.

Especially when it came to my exams, I mostly focused on my studies. Because I was too afraid to fail in the exams.




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Amjad Ali Waince
14 Jan

Cricket 🏏 is most favourite game of the country. Almost Every one has craziness of it . You made a lovely commentry of the match.

Best wishes for the contest.


RinNy Mboro
14 Jan

Lol that kind thought of breaking Brian Lara's record

Great memories you have about your childhood sport and oh childhood memories have many more great memories


Tanveer Shah
15 Jan

Cricket is most favourite game of the country. Almost Every one has craziness of it.

Cricket is my favourite game I play cricket and I love cricket...


Owais Haider
15 Jan

My first childhood sport is cricket. Also cricket is mostly played as a game in our country. 

In the other end game is compulsory for our good health. Game is very fruitfull for our healthy life.







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