My first childhood sport

What's up Trennd??

Right from my childhood days, I have been interested in playing football. I have less passion for other games like tennis, basketball, rugby, baseball, and so on. 

But taking a look at my background we are not allowed to wander around the street at all. And the only way to play football is to get to the street and play street football with others. Apart from the togetherness, it is always fun to have soccer together especially in the rain. But poor me never witnessed one before. Lol

My love for football made me contribute some part of my feeding allowance to get a ball back then, but my brother doesn't love football 😅😅😅. So most of the time I find myself playing football to the wall taking the wall as my opponent. I have always wished to play football with friends and I hope my dream would come true someday. 

Hmmm. One very day mum and dad planned on traveling, so I am left alone with my elder brother who doesn't love football, and my sister also. I thought this was a heavenly opportunity for me to grab the chance of playing football with friends. As soon as they took their leave I sneaked out of the compound and played football for the whole day. 

Poor me😀😀😀😀, I never knew my parents were back at home because of the traffic on their way. I played and played until I got satisfied. Then heading towards home I met my brother who gisted me about the punishment I would receive when I get home. But I ignored him and thought he was joking...

I went back home happily, but to my greatest surprise, I met mum outside waiting for me to arrive. Lol😅. She asked where I have been to. But I couldn't say a word I was so shocked, all I could do was to stammer and never knew what to say anymore.  

I received the punishment for my stubbornness and was told never to step out again to play football. Oooh. I felt sad but with time football became a bygone for me. 

But currently, if I am to pick a favorite sport, I am no more interested in football again I would always pick wrestling and boxing again and again. These are my favorite sports since my passion for football had been damaged. 

This is my entry to the guardian @Adelan contest on my favorite sport. ​Click here to participate​​​


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Joseph Dare

it like we are in same category o. My favourite sport is football and wrestling but love with football with passion, I can use my last card to watch football. 

Am going to play ball till my old age😀😀

Good entry and wish you the very best of luck 


Bright David

Wrestling and Boxing?... Oh my world! Have you participated in this before or they are your favorite because you watch them on the television?.... I was thinking something can not be your favorite except you are involved directly in it... Or I might be wrong though... 

Sorry about your football career.. It isn't totally damaged though.. A thing is still possible... Why not start again?... There isnt any harm is trying again... Who knows, you might be the Messi of your time....

sorry about the beating... I know you learnt something from that punishment... Hahahha.... And you actually missed a lot not experiencing playing football under the rain... Lol

I wish you all the best in best in the contest 


RinNy Mboro

Mom really got you 🤣

The love of football then really made you sacrifice a lot 

It is a great sport and good to know about your interest in other sports now


shoaib khan

Nice entry  dear  everyone aslo you knew that the everyone  games  is very good for health  as well so we should  need to play sometimes. 


Chidiebere Christian

Football is the goal bro. It's something cool and I really love that. I wish you well in the contest







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