Thank you very much Adelan for giving us the opportunity to remember and laugh at our childhood memories since childhood memories have always been so beautiful to remember them. And it is natural to get lost in these memories, so let's get lost in the memories of childhood again.

I used to play with boys since I was a kid because we had 5 kids in the neighborhood of the same age and the neighborhood was cramped with the whole group 😁. Well that's a different story.

I have been very active since my childhood and I have always been a name on the playing field and that is why 

I got the title of "Sports Lady" from my university fellows

because I am always in the mood to play in the ground. If any game is your passion, it is only natural that your passion grows.

My first childhood game was cricket since we were kids then we couldn't pick up a bat so we used the woods for playing cricket😂.I started playing cricket from the street neighborhood and went to college and became a captain. 

When I did I started playing and I got lost in this game from my childhood.And not only did I start playing in the street but I used to play at school and 

I arrived at school an hour earlier and play cricket in the playground.

Because we were kids then the passion to play is always with you and we can't get it out of our gut even if we want to.

Cricket is still my passion I don't like to watch but I love to play and I got sick many times because of this game. Cricket is in my blood Lol. But it is very difficult to get rid of this childhood game.

There was an incident in the spirit of cricket once when everyone forbade me to play in the future but it didn't happen hahaha.

When I was in 7th class, I arrived at school an hour earlier I used to go and play cricket with my seniors and I used to play cricket in the morning without breakfast. I didn't see any heat or cold. It was hot in those days and I played openly in the morning and when our assembly was taking place I failed miserably. And I fainted in the assembly😁.

So my teachers picked me up and gave me juice and then when I got home then my parnets baned cricket for me and I didn't play for a week but started playing cricket again after week😁.

And then from 8th to 12th Grade,I played very little cricket because I was busy in studying but whenever I went to school or college I didn't forget to play cricket.

And when I went to university I became the captain of cricket there and  now I'm the "Executive member of Sports society".Cricket is my spirit and cricket is my obsession which will always be with me.



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rabail fatima

Wao great. 

Surely you have did alot of efforts as you said i was not good but time to time you becoming a good player of cricket match hope you will be best player for the next in the University too. 


Ayshah R

its so good to have a sports life.. its like an extra curricular activity but its a amazing job as well. i remeber i used to play cricket and baseball in mah school life and in running competition as well. such an amazing experience that was.. i wish i become a swimmer but family didnt support me in any sport field. without family support we can o noting in any field


Ogunleye Oluwafemi olawale

Wow this is so sweet so you are sport personality too well as for me I love kicking ball since while I was small and uptil this day I still do because soccer is a very nice game to play and I always play as a winger while playing on the field.


Hameed khan

When ever i saw the post like this. Tears appears in my eyes. Because i rmember the childhood life. We used to climb on trees and make the trees as horse


Hania Noor

Waao great story and me just played football 🏈 for just twice.....

So I'll make contest about my childhood game football..... recollecting all the past memories







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