My First Childhood Sport

Hello everyone this is my entry to @Adelan o contest "My First Childhood Sport".

When i was little At that time I was very fond of playing a lot of games. But the first game I played in my childhood was cricket. Even the kids in the neighborhood where I lived, we all played together. We all played on the street. Many passersby scolded us. Why do we play cricket on the streets? But we were addicted to playing cricket. We didn't listen to anyone. And if it was a Sunday (because my dad was home on Sundays) I would play cricket with my dad. Now because times have changed. I have grown up۔


So now I can't play on the streets. But I miss those childhood days. Now I have stopped playing cricket due to a problem at home. But I only watch cricket on TV now. And to this day, I have never missed a match in Pakistan. I still love playing cricket but I have no one to play with.

   I have participated in many competitions of cricket in my school life, but when we changed our home and while shifting to new home i lost my pictures. So I don't have any picture of my cricket or my childhood.  Otherwise I would definitely share with you all.

    Header image from @Adelan o post.

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Muhammad Iqbal
12 Jan


In that time mostly kids like that game which is easy but you played hard game that need skills. It means you are by birth skillfull .


Minahil Khan
12 Jan

Cricket is one of the best game 

Mostly children played cricket in their childhood 🙂


Mr goko
12 Jan

Football is interesting game.But

My phation is creket 


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