My First Childhood Sport

Volleyball, Basketball, Track and field, Swimming, Fencing, etc. We call these sports. Sports have been part of our life, because it has been taught in schools where we develop our fondness in sports. 

When I was young, I was a bit skinny. My mother was wondering why because I ate a lot. Well, I think when you were still a kid, you can easily digest your food by playing a lot. Although I am a bit skinny, I love to play outside. I even played "sipa" with boys, and flew kites, and played tag it. Therefore I was often get scolded by my mother. 

When I reached 6th grade, my P.E. teacher told us to run a certain distance, one by one. She was holding a stopwatch at that time. I don't know what's it for, back then. When my time comes, I ran as fast as I could, as if someone was trying to eat me alive, Lol! After all of us were done running, me and my 3 other classmates were told to stay outside while others went inside the room. I was wondering and scared that time, thinking what I did wrong or did I do something wrong for me to be left behind? 

Then our teacher told us that we were the fastest runner in our group or among classmates. He told us that we will be included in a track and field team to compete to other schools. I could still remember how happy we were back then. That was the first time that I'd be competing in sports. I guess playing a lot when I was younger helped me a lot by enhancing my running skills, Lol! 

So we did the preparation, we practiced running everyday. Then there is this instance when while we were practicing, I saw some groups practicing Volleyball. I was kinda amaze how they tossss the ball back and forth. At that time, they were still looking for players for the said sport. So, me being curious and all, I asked the my teacher if I can participate for the try out in volleyball. She said yes, and so I did. And luckily, I was picked to be one of the players. 

I had a little understanding of volleyball at that time but while practicing, I grew fond of it hence learned a lot from it. I spend more time practicing volleyball than running. I practiced a lot and when I got home, I feel so tired that I even skip my meals and just sleep. So I decided to let go running and stayed in volleyball. My teacher was sad because she told me that I was good in running. But my heart and passion is for volleyball. So with a heavy heart, I let go running. 

We practiced volleyball almost everyday. I became more skinny but oddly I became stronger. Volleyball helped me to become healthy. 

The Intramurals finally arrived. We competed 6 schools at that time, sadly we only got third place. But we were still happy because being able to compete with other schools made us a winner already. 

My passion for volleyball didn't end up there. When I was in my first year in high school until my third year, I still joined volleyball competitions in schools. And even in our town, what we called "Paliga sa barangay" I often compete in volleyball. Until now if given a chance, I'd still want to play volleyball. 

Volleyball helped me face my fears, and that is fear of losing. Before volleyball, I really hate losing to the extent that I don't want to partake in any competitions. It also help me boosts my self-esteem and helps me to be more open to other people because I am an introvert. Having said that, I became more confident!

Final thoughts

 Sports give us not just entertainment but it also unites us and let us forget momentarily the differences that we have. 




preview not available Adelan o
12 Jan

Volleyball and sport really gave you a lot and I am happy you shared this wonderful experience. Keep making sports work positively for you. Congrats on your entry


Melinda Abellon
12 Jan

Thank you sir! It really help a lot not just in physical aspect but also in mental aspect. And because of this contest, I miss playing volleyball.


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