My First Childhood Sport

I am sure many of you are aware of the game called cricket which is popular in Commonwealth countries. However, there are only 13 official members of the International Cricket Council. But the fact that West Indias which is one of the members of these 13 is not a country but a combined group of 13 separate countries and 18 other small islands of North America is part of the ICC in the name of West Indies but nowhere in the world map. 

However, there is a long list of cricket playing countries that you can check here (not a ref-link)


So, I was crazy about cricket but my father thought games were not for good boys but they should concentrate on their studies. I was selected for my district during my Highschool days but the day I was to go for state selection my father banned me from taking part in that selection process. That was the end of my cricket career.

However, I started playing badminton in a local club without my father knowing about my activity. I soon acquired the necessary skill but did not attend any tournaments. I knew I could win some tournaments because I had beaten the winners of those tournaments in several occasions.

My restrictions disappeared as soon as I joined an engineering college in a different city away from my home. As the luck would have it, my engineering college was famous for producing many champion badminton players at the state/country and national level. My college had the best badminton hall with 16 courts.

I soon found myself with the best of the state/national players as almost all came from the same college. I was allowed 30 minutes in that hall in the beginning but as time passed and I showed my skills I was selected as one of the helping players that helped senior players giving practice company. I was enjoying playing with them but probably they were enjoying it even more.

Soon I was in the college team as 10th player, incidentally first 5-7 played rest was in the team as reserves. I got my chance earlier than I imagined. One of the doubles players was sick having the problem of dehydration so out of the lineup. When our coach asked the captain and the other doubles player he recommended my name probably based on the skill that I showed during my sessions as a helper to him.

Woah, we won that tournament and I found myself among the first five in the team. My journey began on a winning note and continued for the next 5 years during my engineering college. I played up to the national level and won 16 state and national level trophies.

I wanted to continue and play for a longer time but my further studies halted my journey as we had a tight schedule in management school that I was doing along with my job. Now I seldom play badminton for the sake of my love for the game. So peeps here is a badminton player that wanted to be a cricketer.   



Image source Guardian Adelan O's post



Lummy Ayeni

Nice knowing ur own first childhood sport , u have a very good post for the entry I pray for success from ur contest thanks for sharing.


Suny Ag

All I can say is thank you!


RinNy Mboro

Cricket I a wonderful sport anf one I still love till now

Our childhood sport memories are always awesome

Good to read about yours


Suny Ag

I am sure, as you come from one of the top cricketing countries. I was watching the recent NZ-Pak series and enjoying it.


Adetola Muheez
1w is being paranoid I should be encouraged amongst our kids it's part of the process.

I'm glad you found your badminton at last n won a couple of tournament..tyms deny us some things,we just have to let go at some point.

Wish u luck in d contest


Suny Ag

He wanted to see me as a top-class engineer like himself so stopped me from sporting activities but you know there is a way where there is a will.


Adetola Muheez

Wow.. that's nice buh it was far.

Good you had your tym too..wat will be will be for sure.

So you're an engineer..that's good to know


Suman Naz

Very great entry..

Cricket is a interesting game. Childhood memories is very beautiful of all of us.

Best of luck for this conteat!


Shahid Iqbal

It seems that you were a good cricket player. However you have to quite it for your studies. The same thing also happened to me I was also fond of playing cricket and I have to quite it when I entered my college life  


Suny Ag

I was good, but my father was dead against games, so I had to find another one that took lesser time and a sports gear that I could keep hidden from his eyes. 







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