My First Childhood Sport

Despite the love I had for football, it wasn't my first childhood sport. I started growing to like the sport because it influenced the World in general plus it is the most engaging sport in the world.

Sport in general has been something that unites the whole world due to countries and individual participation in various sporting events. Let take a look at the Olympics, The Football world Cups, Intercontinental competitions and lots more, all these have brought us together one way or the other and it has promoted good relations between countries.

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My first childhood sport can be traced back to my Junior Secondary School days. My primary school days weren't that fun because everyone sees me as a very small boy so they easily put me out of every social activity except for quiz and debate.

I added good height in a secondary school which helped me to compete for roles in school sport.

There was a competition that holds every year in school, it is called...

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The students are shared into various houses which could be named after someone or colors.

Been my first year in junior secondary school, I was placed in Greenhouse. It was the least performing house but I was happy I would finally be participating in school sport.

Before the Interhouse sport, we have a competition called "HIT". During the hit, we, do all the sports group stages and only final hold on Interhouse sports day.

During the hit, I was tested for the 100m and 200m which I ended up among the top 3.

 Having such a result on my first day brought lots of attention and I was fixed for the relay race as well. My house came third in the relay race but I believe that we could do better in the finals.

On the main event, I was too confident and made mistakes that caused my house two medals. I feel down during the 200m and also drop the baton in the relay race.

After that year, we got the third position in the coming and we all could laugh at my silly mistakes then.

I was inducted into the school football team in Jss 3 and my sports life took a new turn, I took to the street just to improve myself and it worked for me at the price of leg injuries that saw my sports life end so quickly. 

I broke my leg twice, had a deep cut under my feet, almost lost a toe to injury and I was banned from football. All this made me switch to writing about sport instead of participating in the field.


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Uwem Ekanem
12 Jan

Wow. This is great entry my brother. My childhood sport is soccer and I can stay hungry for this game. And sometimes I will play its in the rain to catch some fun. It's always a beautiful memories . I wish you best of luck in the entry


George Dee
12 Jan

Lol, I played soccer in the rain as well. The mud, the water and everything makes it more fun.

We were so passionate but not finding success early turn many off


Sana ullah khan
12 Jan

wow dear i read your entire post this really very intresting your entry is also gorgeous my great wishes is with you best of luck


Orlah .
12 Jan

My childhood sport was soccer infact its a criteria for a male child were i grew up.

 It was my best moment untill i grew up to play badminton


Moscom Moses
12 Jan

Running was never my thing. If I am to do it now, it will be for exercise.

Football is fun to be involved in.

Thank God you proof yourself in sport and you were later accepted by all


George Dee
12 Jan

Many people engage in jogging today which makes it easier us to run today but not at competitive level 


RinNy Mboro
12 Jan

You just took my memory back when you mentioned racing and inter house sport

Our childhood sport was fun and this contest is a chance to write on them again


George Dee
12 Jan

Every Nigerian child should have the memory of Inter-house sport.

A special day for us at school.

I have lots of memory about different inter-house sport







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