My first childhood sports

My first childhood sports contest by sir @adelan o

Hello and assalam o alaikam everyone 

I hope you All are doing well

first of all thank you very much sir @Adelan o to give us the big opportunity this is very interested contest for all of uptrendian user.and the contest is my firs child hood sports and I am feeling fantastic to share with my favorite sport in childhood.

sports and games are very important for us.they keep us healthy and fit .they give us energy and strength. cricket,football,hockey,badminton and net ball are popular sports in our country Pakistan.we can also play indoor games such as table tennis, ludo and scrabble.

games keep our body and mind teach the importance of team work. games provide us enjoyment and recreation.

As you all know that sports is an essential part of our everyday life and as a child, my interest is always been in football.

Going through the post My First Childhood Sport 

 My mind flash back to my childhood days and those beautiful memories I had for football reflect back in my mind.

As a young boy then, I have no passion for other games, my interest is always on football. My dad is so passionate about football and whenever he is watching any football leagues, he always likes to call me to watch with him, and sometimes he brief me a lot about those players and their football clubs.

So with that, I develop so much interest in football and always aim to be like those players.

I'm always wandering around the street to play football with my friends, and we all started with a rubber ball and then to a leather ball.

Sometimes, I don't even feel hungry when am in the street to play ball.

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Back then in primary school, there was a heavy rainfall after the school hours. We brought out our ball and starting playing in the rain. Its was so fun playing soccer with my friends in the rain. 

Due to the love I had for soccer. I always wanted to be a professional footballer. This make me to enrol in Football Academy at the age of 15 years. At this age, I was already a soccer star. 

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Unknowingly, this unfortunate incident happen to me when we went for a competition. I was seriously injured, and I have to spend some months in the hospital to be treated.

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My mom and dad get worried about me and when I returned from the hospital, they warn me never to go back to the football academy again. I was so disappointed and feel so sad about it and its look as if my life was taking away from me. I keep imagine how am going to survive without playing football. That was just the thought on my mind.

So, I listen to my parents advice and had to stay back from the football academy and my dream to be a professional footballer become bygone for me.

This is all about my childhood favorite sport I love most and  I want to use this medium to appreciate our beloved guardian @adelan o for organized this contest 

​If anyone want to participate in contest then 👇👇

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Stay safe and stay happy


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