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30 May
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Chris Charles 1 month ago

 wonderful poem indeed reminds me of those days when you take some day off just watching out the sunny part of the world.

  Every being ought to have some activities that they love doing (favourites) and that they are passionate about. Favourites help us with the daily stress and bring us great joy. I myself, have plenty of favourites.

Itz Ayomi 1 month ago

So the poem is really for you

Jordan Manzor 1 month ago

wow very beautiful poem by zizy i like it,keep it upzizy

Zizy Mena 1 month ago

What season is your favourite?

Ekrem Colak 1 month ago


Autumn... Come in September, September on the way to school ... The leaves will rejoice in their hair, which will make the crown ... On the way to school in Eylul ... Great song of Turkish pop music artist Alpay.

Wajiha Fawad 1 month ago

wow a beautiful poem 😍😍 it explained beautifully about the seasons and the things we enjoy each season. 

my most favorite is winter andd yeah i love rainy season ..

and the family gatherings at night in summer.. 

life os beautiful 

Blessing Odibe 1 month ago

It is indeed a beautiful poem but I don't love them the same I love rainy season more🥰 I love the poem anyway, keep it up @zizy

Zizy Mena 1 month ago

You love winter right? Do you like when it snows? 

Wajiha Fawad 1 month ago

oh i love when its snows but unfortunately the area i live,  there is no snow at all,  i have just enjoyed it once , that too at other city in vacation 

Arooba Riaz 1 month ago

Wao good

Gathering with family is also my best because we enjoy a lot with family and discuss on different things

Zizy Mena 1 month ago

Family times are always lovely times 

P_Love Ihuoma 1 month ago

Laughter, joy and peace of mind is the key. And Rainy season brings all these. Rainy season is so beautiful 😍.

Though it is a season the singles like me regrets being single and wish I have an am to give me all the needed warmth

Zizy you're a great poet.

Zizy Mena 1 month ago

Hahahahash oh my! Don't even remind me. Rainy season isn't a time for singles. Lovers enjoy it most 

Natiq Abbas🇵🇰 1 month ago

Wow amazing zizy. Its the 1st time i am reading ur poetry and its amazing.i also love rain bcoz i like cool weather .and also like to take tea in this pleasant weather 

Hadi Akhtar 1 month ago

We love cool weather in fhe summer and we love summer in the winter😛😜

Zizy Mena 1 month ago

Really? Natiq? First time? That's strange cos I have done lots of poetry here. Tea in cold weather keeps the body warm 







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