My favourite Place 😍

My favourite Place❤️

Well its an entry to a Giveaway given by Maha in which we have to tell about our favourite place❤️

I really love travelling 💕I wanna go to every place of this world.. In short wanna world Tour.. 

Starting from Pakistan which is piece of paradise a lot places, adoreable sights and heart rending views don't let our eye to see anywhere else ❤️I have visited many places in Pakistan  and yesssss there is one place that I love and I wanna go there again and again.. And I m. Always ready to go there💕

And it is... 

Turkey 💞

preview not available


Turkey is the most beautiful place I ever visited ❤️😍its just love. 

I knew the day when I got fan of this beautiful place. I just love dramas and I started to watch A Turkish DRAMA"MERA SULTAN" and in that drama I saw many historical places and that I just got In love with this place. 

After that I watched many dramas searched for it too on Google its beauty its culture and my thirst to this place got enhanced ❤️

One thing that is best among everything this is their "Artwork" 


TURKISH ARTWORKpreview not availableyesss Turkish Artwork is just love and eye soothing and loving ❤️

This artwork is not presented in the utensils only but in the form of sculptural artwork and also on the walls and Islamic calligraphy artwork too😍

Despite of all these things, the thing that is love for Turkey is their food and coffee 

Turkish coffee

preview not available

Turkish coffee is just amazing, the start of day with this loving, light coffee is the best thing 

I love this place for many others reason too.. Coz its Islamic and I must say an adoreable place ❤️

Its my entry into the contest if you wanna participate ​​Click here​​​​​​ ​​​






Alisha Baloch
30 Nov

Turkey is really a beautiful country but as far my opinion is concerned i love to visit paris and south korea these both are my favourite places besides thus i also want to visit sidney which is located in australia i love its shopping malls 😂😂😅


Rasheed Bhutta
30 Nov

Everyone have a favorite place in his mind ...

I really like to visiting famous place Murree , Islamabad , 

I am happy to visit my favorite places 


Kinza Hasmhi
30 Nov

Every one have have favorite place in mind 😉 but many time we don't go such places

But I like visit only pakistan first beacuse I have not yet visited 

then I go to turkey because my favorite actors there and I want to met them


Chaudhary Usama
30 Nov

No doubt turkey is one of tHe most beautifuL countries of tHe Attracts peopLe 


Nouman Yousaf
30 Nov

Turkey is beautiful islamic country where are many historical and islamic places are held.I visit Pakistan my favourite places are Naran and Kaghan and lake 'Saifu l Malook"which is most beautiful place in that area.







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