My favourite crypto project

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Hmm. Talking about cryptocurrency I would say I am still a learner and still gathering knowledge on what cryptocurrency means. 

Cryptocurrency on the one side can be seen as a wider subject and to another point of view can be seen to be narrower, depends on your point of view. I got to know about cryptocurrency right from the year 2017/2018 when my bro told me about a platform called Back then it was surely my favorite crypto platform yet I was still a novice to the crypto-verse.

Gradually my knowledge kept on increasing as I got to encounter related airdrops, and trading currencies too. Before uptrend came and became an eye-opener to more into the real world of crypto. Apart from the vast knowledge uptrennd platform brought along it also gave me the advantage to learn how to exchange coins, and understand the basics causes of the bullish and bearish dip in the crypto world. 


Like I have said earlier. Steemit would have been my favorite crypto project but due to some reason, it couldn't withstand the test of time. Hive platform would have been a substitute, but I already lost all my steam power and thereby dropping off to a lower level on the platform. 

Uptrennd came and took over, it made things easier. What made me love uptrennd platform the most is the freedom of speech it offers and also the equal opportunity it gives to members. Taking a look at the moderation on the platform also it is surely one of the best I ever encountered based on my experience through various crypto projects. 

Should we talk about the reward system? It also one of the best. But for everything in life, there would surely be a drawback. The only drawback I came to discover about uptrennd is on the platform's token. The misuse of the token got a bad turnout giving it a lesser value. And if this should continue then we have a long way to go fighting our way up. 

Uptrennd and its token have a promising future and this makes a lot of people believe in the project. We continue to stand loyal to uptrennd platform and make sure it becomes one of the top crypto projects ever. 

We can make this come true only if we stand as one, follow the rules guiding the platform and give value to our dear token. No one would come to our aid for we are our aider.

Let take uptrennd to the moon 🌒, then we can settle above the stars 🌟.....

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This is my entry to Guardian @Hafsa M contest on My favourite crypto project.

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kodsy Cordelia
26 Jan

So far so good the  only crypto that have give me joy is 1up and am glad to hear that uptrennd is your favourite crypto project. 

There are more to say about uptrennd, you listed many though. 

Nice entry bro. I wish you best of luck in the contest. Make sure you emerge as the winner🤗


Adeleye Abdulqudus
28 Jan

Thank you so much for your well wishes and I really appreciate


Hillary Powers
26 Jan

1up is still my favourite crypto project as well. Though it may be bias but I did get to know more about cryptocurrency mainly because of Uptrennd. 

1up will be great again!


Adeleye Abdulqudus
28 Jan

I have gone up and down and not to be compared to this platform


RinNy Mboro
26 Jan

Uptrennd too is my favorite,one that has a bright future

Many crypto project but we just need to single out from among many our favorite


Adeleye Abdulqudus
28 Jan

It is surely a good place to be and a place to learn


Aakash Baloch
27 Jan

Steemit and hive are very difficult and slow paid project. Uptrennd is very good paying project and there is alot of stuf to learn there.

I visited many crypto platform but uptrennd is best thats why I am here and this platform is growing day by day. But we should show some loyalty with it and bring quality content creator to make it more useful.


Adeleye Abdulqudus
28 Jan

Is it soda platform came into existence and took over other crypto projects


Mr.Oxman Oxi
26 Jan

Absolutely right when we give value to our token if we be sincere with Uptrennd and give quality content and also show our Uptrennd value in other platform then absolutely we see the 1up to moon soon so let's try to participate in Uptrennd 

Your content and entry in this contest is outstanding and attractive


Adeleye Abdulqudus
28 Jan

Thank you so much my dear friend I really appreciate







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