My Favorite Sports Give Away By @Zaroosh Fatima and Muhammad Yasir


Sports and games are major part of our life that keep our body strong and very active. These improve our capacity to work hard. Games make us active and exercise makes our body the strongest. The main thing the man desires in his life is his health. And games provide activity to the body and keep it healthy.

Many games I have love with especially cricket but I will express my affection to that sport that made me stronger mentally and physically.

Basketball 🏀:

Basketball is the greatest game for me to play in my college days. Before I was in University, I used to be very chubby. People used to call me Motti.. Lol 😂😂😆. And it hurt me many times but I was used to this word in the end.

I was the captain of the team and always stood in cover to attack the rack when everyone is busy and my last and final jump kick was famous that always led our team towards victory.

Basketball aided me in losing my weight. I used to take a bath in my own sweating. My hardwork led me towards a bright future. During lockdown I always played at my home.

Basketball is my favorite sports but I can't ignore anyother game especially cricket and PUBG lol 😹😝😝. I know PUBG is favorite of many people here. But it affects our nerves and irritates us. Lol 😂😆😂. We become rash. 

It is all about my favorite sport. If You want to take part in this contest then..

Click Here 

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My father was an armed person and retired now. He always asked me to continue my exercise on the daily bases.

In my college life I won many trophies being winner of basketball tournament. I was always man of the match and once I got leg bone fracture because of the player fell down in front of me and I can't maintain myself.

Her head hit my leg with a great force but I was alright just in 20 days and continued my sports again.




Tanveer Mukhtiar Malik
27 Nov

Basketball is quite an amazing game. I have not played it but my friends play it. I like football most. 

I had not even installed PUBG on my mobile. By seeing in the mobiles of my class fellows I guessed that it is all about the firing and murdering type stuff. So I think this game is not for me. I like easy and simple games. Good luck for the contest. 


Muhammad Yasir
28 Nov

baskitball is so intresting but i never ever played thanks for taking part in our giveaway my best wishes for you


Zaroosh Fatima
27 Nov

The sport of basketball has really gotten worldwide over the most recent couple of years. 

The game is as of now well known in the United States. Additionally, it is depicted by numerous individuals as an American game in view of the fun and serious component in it. 

Additionally, this is one of the games which is played inside and still obliges billions of fans the world over.

So your performance in this game is commendable. 

This game is like an exercise. No matter how fat a man is, playing this game makes him thinner and secondly, now I will call you Motti...hahahahahah...Lol, stay with us until the result comes. It is an expression of good wishes!

Best of Luck @Rukhsar Motti...

Stay Happy:)


Rukhsar Hayat
27 Nov

Thank you very much. I am looking forward to the results anyhow. I am happy for your amazing complement my dear friend. 


Rasheed Bhutta
29 Nov

It's really Nice dear







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