My favorite place ^°Istanbul ^°dream touring city

Description of favorite place bahs variation; it can be a spot which you have visited before or the dream location which you prefer to visit. My favorite place is the most special and extraordinary one; I have a desire to tour this place and it is none other than the city of contrast "Istanbul".The soul of Turkey; Why I love this place let's have a glance;

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Cultural atmosphere;

Being an enormous fan of chronological fiction; I am much enthusiastic about viewing the places where history was made. This spot is popular for its origin in Islam. Here are the shrines and museums where Islamic record is being recouped.

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Byzantine Hagia Sophia mosque is the main motive behind my huge interest. Being famous for its ecstatic and fascinating splendor; this mosque has all the peace which one desires to have. located on the incline of the black sea; realistic beauty can be contemplated exceptionally.

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The advancement of Istanbul is an apparent reason for the tourist to visit; thereby I am much impelled to satisfy my spirit of touring by strolling in the streets of Istanbul, like a free bird. 

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I am talking about wandering in the Istanbul city walls. 

I am an enormous enthusiast of para trooping; 

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so this is a suitable niche to cherish my dream of gliding between the blue sky.

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How can I overlook window shopping in the cultural city of Istanbul; 

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the grand bazaar is there to show the masterpiece of all the conventional and unique items. I will love to purchase Turkish jewelry 🤩

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Last but not least the spiritual prom;

Yes, the nicest enjoyment for sofism; can be attained by listening to the poems of Romi and relishing the Sufi dance.

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So this is an excellent destination for me to visit again and again.

This is my entry to the Maha contest;

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Tanveer Mukhtiar Malik
26 Nov


 Your choice to visit Istanbul, Turkey 🇹🇷 is amazing. This place is rich with cultural values and Islamic history. Because in the years back the Ottoman Empire ( now Turkey) was the center of the whole Muslim community in the world. 

May Allah fulfill your dream to visit Istanbul in near future. Stay blessed.


Ayesha Malik
26 Nov

Awww thanks a lot for making a prayer I'm for me;

I haven't discussed much history as now Pakistan public knows it very well through Dilrais Ertugul Ghazi😅😄

And I also forget to mention the square in Istanbul being remembered for Ataturk(who took the biggest decision of partition of Ottoman Empire)


Amber Kashif
26 Nov

Ataturk......! One of the most controversial personalities in Islamic history. 

I was so fond of watching dramas before my marriage. But look at me now, I haven't watched a single episode of Ertugal. 😑😐


Ayesha Malik
26 Nov

Don't be sad I haven't watched it too😲😁😅

I don't exactly remember how many years ago I watch any commercial on TV; maybe 6 years ago I watched oggy and cockroaches on TV for the last time 😅

And Ataturk is yes well known for its revolutionary ideas; don't know who many of them were right or wrong but I am in favor of him for raising the role of women(up to some extent)


Amber Kashif
26 Nov

You are more busy on uptrennd nowadays. And you are planning to attempt css.

Oogy and cockroaches. Hmmmmm.....

Well, I do watch cartoons with my kids. Lolx.

Sorry, no votes left for today


Chidiebere Nze
26 Nov

A refreshing read compared to all the Atlantis info we've been getting.
It would have been nice to see the inside of the Mosques. Maybe taking pictures of the interior isn't allowed?


Ayesha Malik
26 Nov

Yes, controversies were being raised regarding this issue;

But professional photographers are not restricted to capture the captivating beauty of the blue mosque.



Freekay Gold
26 Nov

Wow this is so beautiful and great city.

Touring city is a beautiful place which everyone like to be like someone like me.

I love your contest post good luck.


Ayesha Malik
26 Nov

I am glad to see your likeliness😊

Thanks for your time .


Jalal Hussain
26 Nov

wow nice place, you create curiosity in myself to visit in istanbul because it looks so rich in clulture , the architectural design of mosque , nice place.


Ayesha Malik
26 Nov

Yeah, this city is well-known because of its cultural and architectural magnificence.


Minha Khan
27 Nov

oh dear yeah the capital of Turkey Istanbul is beautiful and amazing city.

it my favourite place too.the city has its own important history that stretch the rise and fall of the world's most famous mughal empires.this place has it own beautiful Islamic culture.

InshAllah your dreams come true soon.

stay blessed and thankyou because i know about  this contest through your post.


Ayesha Malik
26 Nov

You are welcome:

Waiting to see your entry;

And yes turkey is well known for its Ottoman Emperor;

More powers to you 👍







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