My favorite persons...❤️

Hi everyone!

I hope you all are doing well.

This is my entry for @Emaan Ali giveaway to share about our favorite person.Click

So if I talk about my favorite person than he is the man who taught me the difference between good and bad,he is the one who is great inspiration for me.My love for him is boundless.

Whenever I was on the verge of destruction and was about to loss my hope,he come to hold my hand.He taught me to stand strongly through the ups and downs.

He always proved to be a great motivation for me and he was the only one who never let my tears to cross my eyes.He fulfilled my every wish before it came to my lips.

He is one and only my Dad...😍💓


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Yes he is my most favorite person.Here I wrote a little piece of poetry for him,

Before I would fall,

Your hands were there,

To protect me,

To hold me,

And to support me,

Your presence for me,

Is the last ray of hope,

your smile,

Your honour,

And your dreams,

I promise,will be my 


My second favorite person is the one,who is the source of my happiness and peace.She is the my mentor,my teacher,my friend,my buddy,my adviser,my corrector,my supporter and my well wisher.

She is no one but my mother....😍😍😍💕


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You heard right she is my favorite person and my love for her is endless.I have no words to explain my love for her.

Here is a little poem for her,

My Mom,O my lovely Mom,

You are my sunshine and Moon,

There were the clouds of darkness,

Rugged and hard stroms,

Days were warm and full of heat,

Hardships and pains were fully deep,

But your love stayed by my side,

Who never let me fall or weep..!


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So my Mom and Dad are my favorite person.

Thank you!

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Ayesha Gill
12 Dec

First of all i pray for the health and happy life of both your mother and father...Without them its difficult to live...Even i'm afraid of the thinking to lost them...

This is the best entry for the contest...

Best of luck dear❤️❤️❤️


Farah Ikram
13 Dec

Right dear,the thought of losing them can be painful and I can understand the pain you have gone through when you lossed your father...😔 May his soul rest in peace.

Ameen to your prayers.


Hira Majeed
12 Dec

May God bless your mother and father  with a long and healthy life.... 

Life is incomplete without parents.....

I lost my mother two years ago and I miss her very much.. she is no more...😥


Farah Ikram
13 Dec

Ameen dear 

Yes dear I can understand your pain of losing her.She was very humble lady.I miss her everyday...😔

May her soul rest in peace.


Ifeanyi Obasi
12 Dec

Yeah the same applies to me! 

My parents are my all and all, after God, they come next❤

They have made a lot of sacrifices that am can't find a way to repay them..

Best of luck in your contest🥂


Furqan Ali BROHI
12 Dec

Nice post 

My most Favorite person is my mom and my dad.i love so much my mom and my dad .

And also teachers are my favorite person. 


Madiha Jamil
12 Dec

parents are everones favourite person because their love is pure abd true. Thanx for sharing







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